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How To Get Shotgun In Sons of the Forest


How To Get Shotgun In Sons of the Forest

“You miss 100% of the shot(guns) you don’t take.”

Sons of the Forest is currently in early access on Steam and actively dominating the charts. Acting as the sequel to the groundbreaking survival horror game The Forest, it has players traveling to a cannibal infested island where you must save a millionaire. To help you in this fight, players will have to rely heavily on exploration while also making every resource count. This includes weapons with stronger firepower such as the shotgun. So, here is how to get the shotgun within Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location

As was implied, weapons are not the easiest thing to find in Sons of the Forest. To actually find the shotgun, players will be looking for a very specific burial plot. As shown below, the grave has a cross on it, with a red piece of cloth attached. Given that it needs to be dug out of a hole however, players will need to grab the shovel a well. A guide for that can be found here.

Image Source: Screenshot via Endnight Games

Following this, to find the grave itself – players should utilize the GPS to mark the shore near the Southern bottom end of the map. It should be noted that it is best to practice caution in survival horror and even moreso around cannibals, so just try to be mindful. Once you get to the grave, use the shovel to dig up a skeleton holding a shotgun. Pick it up and go to town blowing your enemies to bits.

There are a bunch of options weapon wise in Sons of the Forest, but that is how to find the shotgun in the game. Although it is only on Steam currently, it is expected to eventually come to consoles down the road. So, whenever readers jump on the bandwagon, feel free to check out one of our many “how to” guides regarding Sons of the Forest such as how to craft tech armor in game. Exploration again is highly encouraged but it is very easy to get lost, so guides like this one that help out with navigating is super helpful. Either way… Happy hunting!

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