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How to Get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Leporine Fruit Guide
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How to Get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts

A little bit of crafting goes a long way.

For those who love to craft, you’ll find no shortage of options while making your way through the treacherous lands of Azuma in Wild Hearts. Of course, one does not simply stumble into every single useful material right away. And while there are plenty of enormous monsters to battle, some of the smaller Kemono provide valuable crafting materials as well — such as the Pointed Scale. That’s why we’re here to tell you how to get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Guide to Acquiring Pointed Scale

In order to find a Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts, players must first progress to Chapter 2. Doing so unlocks the area of the Akikura Canyon, where you will encounter the Nightshade Monitor Kemono. These are among the smaller creatures inhabiting Azuma, and take the form of a lizard.

When it comes to the smaller Kemono, players have the option to either pet or slay the beasts. Depending on which option you choose, creatures will drop certain materials that can be used for crafting. However, in order to obtain a Pointed Scale from the Nightshade Monitors, players must kill them. Petting them will only result in receiving Lizard Bloom. That said, killing them doesn’t necessarily guarantee dropped scales. You’ll just have to keep slaying them until your material needs are met.

Those journeying through Azuma can also obtain the Pointed Scale in Fuyufusagi Fort, an area that is also only accessed after reaching Chapter 2. There you will come across the Shardshower Monitor, another beast that must be killed in order to potentially acquire a Pointed Scale.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts. For more on the game, be sure to keep it right here at Twinfinite. We’ve got plenty of guides and other helpful updates at the various links below.

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