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How to Find & Catch a Jobberknoll in Hogwarts Legacy 

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How to Find & Catch a Jobberknoll in Hogwarts Legacy 

Jobberknoll for all!

Hogwarts Legacy is the game Harry Potter fans have been dreaming of ever since the books first came out back in the 90s. The title allows them to finally be part of the magical universe, letting them be magicians, learn spells, and capture unique beasts like the Jobberknoll. But how exactly does one find and catch Jobberknoll in Hogwarts Legacy? Here is everything you need to know.

How To Get a Jobberknoll in Hogwarts Legacy

The Jobberknoll is a unique, beautiful, bluebird, who doesn’t make a sound until the moment it dies. The first step to catching this bird in Hogwarts Legacy, or any other beasts is to complete The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom quest.

In that quest, you have your first encounter with the Jobberknoll, and once you’ve finished it, you get a Nab-Sack as a reward. The bag allows you to catch all kinds of beasts and bring them to your Vivarium. 

If you want to catch other Jobberknoll in the wild, you have to look for their dens and, once you’ve found them, use some spells to get the beast into your Nab-Sack.

Where To Find a Jobberknoll in Hogwarts Legacy

As with any other magical beast in the game, one of the ways to find out where are this bird’s den is by looking at the claw symbols around the map. However, those symbols only show there are magical beasts around, not necessarily the one of this silent bird. Luckily, we know some of the places where their dens are.

The Jobberknolls have a den located in the Feldcroft Region, an area you visit while doing Sebastian Sallow In the Shadow of the Estate quest. The den is north of the Irondale settlement. As this is a stealth beast, you must look for it in the trees and be as silent as them, so that you don’t scare them away. 

There’s also another den south of Hogwarts and west of Irondale in a big tree near a river. The quickest way to get there is through the Irondale Floo Flame. It’s always easier to catch a Jobberknoll while they’re on the ground than flying, so look for those that are just chilling in the ground under the tree.

How To Catch a Jobberknoll in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve found one of the birds’ dens and have seen a Jobberknoll in the wild, it’s time to get your spells on. If you’re not very stealthy, you can use a disillusionment spell to avoid scaring the beast, but it’s not absolutely necessary. 

To catch one successfully, all you really need to do is get within the target range of the creature and cast the Levioso spell on the silent beast so that it stops moving for a few seconds. While it’s immobilized, you must release the Nab-Sack spell and it’ll be all yours. After capture, the Jobberknoll will now appear in your Vivarium, where you can care for it and even get its feathers, sell them, or use them to improve your gear.

Now that you know how to find and catch Jobberknoll in Hogwarts Legacy, you can look for more guides on the game in Twinfinite.

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