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How to Upgrade Vivarium with More Biomes in Hogwarts Legacy


How to Upgrade Vivarium with More Biomes in Hogwarts Legacy

Various Vivariums for all your magical beasts!

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to live out your wildest wizarding fantasies. Be it brewing potions, riding a broom, or casting Avada Kedavra like a naughty witch or wizard, it’s all here. If you’re more interested in the magical beasts of the world, though, chances are you’re going to have spent a fair bit of time in Hogwarts Legacy’s Vivarium, and even more likely, you’re running out of space and wondering if you can upgrade its capacity further.

Well, there’s good news and bad news here, and in this guide, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know about the various Vivarium upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy that you’ll want to focus on unlocking, and how you can do exactly that.

Can You Increase Vivarium Capacity in Hogwarts Legacy?

Let’s get the initial bad news out of the way. The very first Vivarium that you unlock, which is a beautiful forest-like environment, cannot have its capacity upgraded. You’ll receive this once you’ve unlocked the Room of Requirement and completed the quest with Deek about taming and handling magical beasts.

That means that you’ll only ever be able to have a maximum of 4 different species and 12 creatures in total living within it. Given that you can breed the various beasts and sell them on, you’re likely to very quickly hit that max capacity.

But fear not, because while you can’t upgrade that specific Vivarium’s capacity, you can actually unlock more Vivarium rooms themselves, each with its own unique environment that’s suitable for the various different magical creatures that feature in the game.

How to Unlock All Vivarium Biomes in Hogwarts Legacy

There are three additional Vivariums you can unlock on top of the forest-like one that you initially get. Each of these is tied to completing a different side quest given to you by the rather adorable house elf, Deek. We’ve listed each of these below, and specified when you’ll be able to complete them in the game.

  • Coastal/ Beach Biome– Unlocked by completing ‘The Plight of the House-Elf’ side quest. You can complete this quest after finishing ‘Astronomy Class’ and ‘The High Keep’ main quests. The High Keep will also unlock your first flying mount, giving you an alternative to traveling around by Broom everywhere!
  • Swamp Vivarium – Unlocked by completing the ‘Foal of the Dead’ side quest, which is unlocked after finishing the ‘Charles Rockwood’s Trial’ main quest.
  • Mountain Vivarium – Unlocked by completing the ‘Phoenix Rising’ side quest, which is unlocked by speaking to Deek after finishing the ‘Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial’ main quest.

Much like the first Vivarium you unlock, each of these can hold 12 beasts comprised of four different species, meaning that in total you can have 48 beasts living across all four Vivariums. There’s only 13 species in the game, too, so you don’t need to worry about not having enough space to house them all.

That’s everything you need to know on how to unlock all Vivarium biomes in Hogwarts Legacy. For more on the game, be sure to check out the links below.

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