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How to Complete Cursed Tomb Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy

The Cursed Tomb Treasure
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

How to Complete Cursed Tomb Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy

This place is cursed!

As you venture further outside the castle grounds, you’ll stumble upon many Treasure Vaults and chests throughout your journey. However, not all of them are easy to find and require you to decipher the secrets of ancient maps. With this guide, we’ll focus on how to complete the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest in Hogwarts Legacy to unlock a valuable cosmetic.

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest Guide

You can travel to West Manor Cape to begin the Cursed Tomb Treasure storyline of Hogwarts Legacy:

Cursed Tomb Treasure Location
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Before you begin the mission, it should be noted that you need to have Alohomora Level 3 by completing part of Gladwin Moon’s Demiguise Statue adventure. It isn’t required to collect all of them, but you’ll still need to give him a considerable number of statues by this point.

With that out of the way, you can follow this step-by-step guide to finish this quest:

  1. Locate the old manor in Manor Glen.

    The house will be at the Ancient Magic Hotspot waypoint.

    Ancient Magic Hotspot

  2. Find an underground tunnel.

    Once inside the manor, you’ll find a staircase that goes underground.

    Going down the Old Manor

  3. Use Alohomora on the Level 3 Lock.

    Opening the door with Alohomora

  4. Keep traveling down the manor.

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to find your way around the house (go in the direction of the waypoint), but you should be mindful of your surroundings since there will be a few enemies nearby.

  5. Defeat the Lord of the Manor and Ailsa Travers.

    Players will encounter a powerful Inferius and the sinister witch Ailsa Travers further down the pathway. You can defeat them by getting rid of Ailsa’s protective barrier with one of the Force (purple) spells and unleashing pyro attacks, like Incendio and Confringo, on the Inferius types (they are weak against this.)

    Fighting enemies in the Old Manor

  6. Open the locked chest.

    You’ll obtain a map of the following location.

    Old Manor Locked Chest

  7. Exit the manor.

    You can go back the way you came or cast one of your pyro spells on the platform in the room to reveal a hidden doorway that leads you outside (step on the button-like structure.)

    Secret Doorway

  8. Go to the Tomb of Treachery in the Poidsear Coast region.

    The map will lead you to a waterfall where you can unlock the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame.

    Tomb of Treachery

  9. Enter the doorway.

    Tomb of Treachery Door

  10. Walk straight forward to the tunnel.

    Players can check out the other rooms to collect treasures and a cosmetic.

  11. Turn left and cast a pyro spell on the spider web.

    Tomb of Treachery in Hogwarts Legacy

  12. Gather the butterflies for the door puzzle.

    The first two butterflies can be found in the room on the right side. Therefore, you must use Lumos on each of them and guide them to the puzzle location.

    Two Butterflies

  13. Go to the room on the left.

  14. Use Accio to drag the crate to the wall.

    Butterfly Location

  15. Climb up to reach the last butterfly.

    A Butterfly

  16. Complete the door puzzle.

    The Butterfly Door Puzzle

  17. Defeat the enemies.

  18. Find the stone puzzle from the map in the center of the room.

    Stone Puzzle

  19. Use Flipendo on the three stones.

    Stone Puzzle of Cursed Tomb Treasure

  20. Search the chest.

    Unlocking the cursed chest

Once you open the chest, you’ll be rewarded with the Treasure-Seeker’s Attire and XP points. Players can equip the new cosmetic by selecting it in the Outfits section of the Gear tab.

That does it for our guide on how to complete the Cursed Tomb Treasure. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our feature on five things to do after beating the game.

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