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How to Hit a Troll With Its Own Boulder in Hogwarts Legacy

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Image Credit: Avalanche Software

How to Hit a Troll With Its Own Boulder in Hogwarts Legacy

How do you like that, huh?

Players can stumble across many Trolls during their adventure outside of Hogwarts. Sometimes when you enter a battle with one of these creatures, you may receive combat challenges where you need to perform specific acts. While some Dueling Feats are easy to understand, others can be not so straightforward. If you’re wondering how to hit a Troll with its own boulder in Hogwarts Legacy, this guide can help you.

How to Complete Hit a Troll With Its Own Boulder Dueling Feat

Once you have found a Troll in Hogwarts Legacy and received the Dueling Feat challenge, you must keep your distance from this creature. Not only does it hit hard, but it also has a lot of HP, and it will take many hits to bring one down.

Usually, it’s much safer to dodge a Troll’s attacks than to use a shield. However, to complete this Dueling Feat, you must face its assault head-on. When the Troll is about to throw a rock at you, it will put its hand on the ground for a second before pulling out a large boulder and flinging it straight at your head.

Hogwarts Legacy Troll.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

The game should prompt you to cast a Protego spell to protect yourself. You will need to press Triangle/Y on your controller or Q on your keyboard. Remember not to hold the button. You only need to press it at the right moment, and the rock should safely bounce off your shield.

If you hold the button, your character will launch Stupefy at the Troll, which may not allow you to fling the boulder back at the creature. Once the rock touches the ground, it will disappear into nothing. On the other hand, lightly pressing the button will give you enough time to grab the boulder and throw it back to the Troll by using RB/R1 on your controller.

That does it for our guide on how to hit a Troll with its own boulder in Hogwarts Legacy. Before leaving, you may also read more Twinfinite articles that can help you complete other Dueling Feats in the game.

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