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Does Atomic Heart Have New Game Plus? Answered

Does Atomic Hearts have NG+
Image Source: Mundfish

Does Atomic Heart Have New Game Plus? Answered

Take two.

Mundfish and Focus Entertainment’s alternate history looter-shooter RPG blends the heady political themes of BioShock and retrofits it with a Soviet Union-style robot invasion. While it doesn’t quite hit the heights of 2K Games’ beloved classic, it does have a few cool ideas and a few memorable moments. But what happens when you wrap up your journey? In this guide, we’ll answer the question: Does Atomic Hear have a New Game Plus mode? So, let’s get into it!

Is There a New Game Plus in Atomic Heart? Answered

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but at the time of writing, no, there is not a New Game Plus in Atomic Heart. Unfortunately, when you beat the game, your only option is to continue your last save to mop up any remaining side quests that you may have, or start a brand new playthrough.

While New Game Plus is a popular mode that adds a lot of replayability to a title, it’s still not a mode that’s available in all titles. Fortunately, thanks to the nature of modern updates and patches, there’s still a small possibility that developer Mundfish will add in a New Game Plus to Atomic Heart in a post-launch update. Of course, that’s not not yet officially confirmed, but it has happened to many modern games in the past.

So, that brings us to the end of our guide for today. We hope this helped to answer your query about whether Atomic Heart has a New Game Plus mode. For more, here’s a rundown of all the skills that are available in the game.

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