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Best Hogwarts Legacy Facewear & Headwear

Image Source: Avalanche Sotfware

Best Hogwarts Legacy Facewear & Headwear

Stylin’ n’ profilin’.

Hogwarts Legacy boasts a pretty crazy amount of fashionable clothing, allowing players to travel the extensive world in style with an array of unique outfits. As such, if you want to walk around looking your best, it is important to know the best facewear and headwear to sport in Hogwarts Legacy. Here is everything you need to know about which ones you should pick.

Best Facewear in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll find a lot of familiar-looking pieces of facewear that may have appeared in the books or movies. Alongside that, there’s also plenty of original pieces that you can equip that will give you solid skill boosts or even ones that just look stylish.

  • Brown Eye Of Newt Goggles – Extraordinary goggles with a brown eyepiece reminiscent of a newt, for the proudly eccentric.
  • Legendary Mask – A mask with mysterious designs, earned by completing main quests.
  • Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles – A legendary pair of purple spectacles with the green irises of a fearsome dragon.
  • Sanguine Mask – A mask in blood-red with an unsettling, featureless visage.

Best Headwear in Hogwarts Legacy

Much like the facewear, there’s plenty of recognizable headgear in Hogwarts Legacy, some of which you’ll want to equip to look good while others you’ll want to have to feel good.

  • Spider Slayer Helmet – A helmet for the bravest killer of arachnids, earned by defeating spiders.
  • Zonko’s Chief Prankster Hat – A top hat for the unmatched prankster of Hogsmeade, earned by collecting Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade.
  • Quidditch Captain’s Helmet – A Quidditch helmet for the master of the pitch, earned by landing on hidden platforms on your broom.
  • Troll Hat – A troll hat, as unique as it is hideous, earned by vanquishing the troll in Brocburrow.

Now that you know the best facewear and headwaer to wear in Hogwarts Legacy, it is only a matter of time before your legend grows, and you become the best wizard or witch the world has ever seen. For more, be sure to check out all of our related guides on the game right down below, including best overall outfits in the game.

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