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Best Base Location in Sons of the Forest

best base location in sons of the forest

Best Base Location in Sons of the Forest

Safe as houses.

After crashlanding on a “deserted” island in Sons of the Forest, you’ll have a huge amount of choice as to where to build your base. Not all locations are built equally, though, and indeed we here at Twinfinite think we’ve found the best base location in Sons of the Forest, so strap in as we spill the beans in our own little island within the island.

Best Sons of the Forest Base Location

Safe as houses.
Image source: Endnight via Twinfinite

While there are definitely many top-notch locations to build your base, there’s one that stands above the rest: the mini island that can be found within a lake situation toward the northwest of the island. It’s covered in shrubs and trees when you arrive, and there are a couple of coffins you can loot some basic materials to. Clear all this, then you’ll have enough space to build a pretty large base, as you can see in the image above.

So, what makes this area so darn good, then? Well, the main concern with any base is its vulnerability to attack, and that is a problem solved by building on an island. In case you weren’t aware, the mutants cannot swim, and actually falling water instantly kills them. The only exception to this rule is when winter arrives and the lake ices over; you’ll need to build some fortifications to protect yourself during this time.

Now, you might be thinking that building on an island would make construction a real bother. After all, how would one transport the many logs and materials required to make a base? Well, fear not, as Sons of the Forest has some really cool features that overcome this issue.

First, you should know that by throwing logs into the water they will bounce toward the location you throw them, so even transporting logs manually isn’t actually too tedious. But it gets way, way easier once you find the Rope Gun, which can be used not only as a cool zipline to transport your character from the mainland to the base but also the logs themselves! You simply load the zipline with a log and it will shoot over to the base. To take things to the next level, you can even build a log stash underneath the zipline to collect them.

Our advice is to have Kelvin constantly chopping trees and gathering materials over on the mainland while you stay nice and safe on the island building your base. This area of the map is conveniently located to forests, rivers, the shoreline, and a bunch of caves and points of interest. There’s basically infinite food to be found in the lake in the form of fish, and there are also dears and squirrels and other creatures you can farm too.

That does it for our overview of the best base location in Sons of the Forest. You can find more useful tips and tricks on the game by searching Twinfinite or browsing the related content listed below.

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