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How to Get Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

how to get the rope gun in sons of the forest

How to Get Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

Zipping around the island.

Most of the equipment you’ll be using throughout your survival adventure on the island are things you have crafted, but some weapons and tools can only be found. Here’s how to get the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest.

Getting the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest Explained

The Rope Gun isn’t something you’d easily stumble upon during your first few hours on the Island. That’s because it’s buried deep within a complex cave system, and there are lots of cave systems all across the island with no particular priority on which you should explore first.

Sons of the Forest rope gun location
Image source: Sons of the Forest wiki

The one you’re looking for is on the west of the island, nearby where you should have found the 3D Printer. It’s covered in moss so it’s easy to miss, but you can see the location above. For this little quest, we’d highly recommend bringing a weapon with you as there are a bunch of mutants in the area. Craft a spear or a bow and some arrows if you haven’t found something more powerful. Also, a flashlight, too, given that you’ll be exploring a very dark cave.

Once you arrive at the cave, You’ll encounter a couple of mutants on the way, as well as a few dead workers’ bodies. Search these as one of them has a Time Bomb which you can use to kill the mutant who is stuck in the wall. Simply throw a bomb at him and watch him explode into tiny pieces!

Venture past him and deeper inside the cave to find the Rope Gun, which requires you to crawl through some small crevices along the way but is generally pretty easy to find. It will eventually split into two paths; head down the right one for the Rope Gun. The left path will take you toward the cave exit.

That should give you everything you need to know about how to get the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest. For more useful tips and tricks on the game, including what the max lobby size is, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related content below.

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