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All Sons of the Forest Achievements

All Sons of the Forest Achievements
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Endnight Games

All Sons of the Forest Achievements

Gamer Scores are just as important as survival.

Sons of the Forest is a game that largely allows you to explore and play how you’d like, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without specific tasks you can undertake to earn achievements. Some are simple and straight-forward, while others can be difficult to obtain without putting a decent amount of time into the title. You don’t have all the time in the world to figure out what needs to be done on your own though, which is why you’re out to discover what all of the Sons of the Forest Achievements are.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Sons of the Forest Achievements – Every Achievement & How to Unlock Them

There are 28 achievements in total for you to unlock in Sons of the Forest. Some are related to surviving a certain amount of days; others are related to finding and consuming a specific number of items; and others still require you to reach one of the game’s two endings. We’ve listed all of them out down below alongside the unlock requirements for them.

Achievement NameUnlock Requirements
SurvivorSurvive one full day within the game.
TradesmanBuild a structure with over 50 logs.
ContractorBuild a structure with over 100 logs.
PinataBlow up a Sluggy.
Mc CraftyCraft all weapons in the game.
TrustedBecome a trusted player in a multiplayer game.
Every Move You MakeGive a GPS Locator to Virginia.
Need a Bigger BoatGet Killed by a shark.
ArchitectBuild a structure with over 500 logs
BadgerDig 100 holes.
Fight DemonsStay on the island.
Fought DemonsLeave the island.
What Could Go Wrong?Survive 10 full days on the island.
City PlannerBuild a structure with over 1,000 logs.
Chivalry Is Not DeadReach max sentiment with Virginia.
Sucker for PunishmentGet kicked by a Heavy Cannibal 5 times.
DynamoWear a full set of Tech Armor.
Keep Your Friends CloseComplete the story with every friendly NPC still alive.
1%Collect $1,000.
FashionistaOwn every piece of clothing.
I Dream of SushiEat 20 raw fish.
This Place Isn’t So BadSurvive 25 full days on the island.
FoodieEat one of each type of edible item in the game.
MakerPrint one of every item using the 3D printer.
CollectorFind and pick up 50 watches.
I Like BlistersDig 1,000 holes.
This Can’t Be HealthyDrink 50 cans of Fi-Z.
Never Going HomeSurvive 50 full days on the island.

That’s all of the Achievements in Sons of the Forest. For more on the game, we’ve got a variety of related articles that you can look through down below.

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