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All Citrine Abilities in Warframe

Warframe Cristine
Image Source: Digital Extremes

All Citrine Abilities in Warframe

Citrine has arrived!

Following the most recent Warframe update, a new character called Citrine has arrived in the Origin system. Players can now participate in a new Mission type that involves defending objectives connected by the Void on both Mars and Venus. Moreover, one can add Citrine and her new signature Weapons to Arsenal in Citrine’s Last Wish. Citrine wields fractal gems with deadly abilities in combat. With that said, here’s an overview of Citrine’s abilities in Warframe.

Warframe Citrine Abilities Explained

Warframe: Citrine Abilities Explained
Image Source: Digital Extremes

Passive Ability – Geoluminesence

Upon collecting a Health Orb, Citrine becomes enveloped in an aura that gradually restores her health. However, it’d be interesting to see if the Aura means that allies in the range also get this healing over time or not.

Based on the passive, Citrine has special defensive characteristics and a remarkable knack for unleashing ranged assaults. It seems that her proficiency is consistently impressive, and players should master her.

Fractured Blast

By unleashing the Fractured Blast ability, enemies can be slashed and staggered by a crystal blast that inflicts Bleed. The enemies affected by this Status Effect have a greater probability of dropping Health and Energy Orbs. This powerful ability belongs to Citrine and is available through Helminth at 50% strength.

Preserving Shell

Citrine can protect herself and her allies with a crystalline shell through the Preserving Shell ability, which gradually weakens over time. The defensive strength of the shell can be enhanced by kills and assists. Considering the Preserving shell ability, Citrine is a perfect fit for the support role.

Prismatic Gem

The Prismatic Gem ability allows Citrine to launch a gem that unleashes prismatic beams targeting enemies who receive weapon damage from Citrine and her allies. The beams can inflict multiple Status Effects, including Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity, and the probability and duration of Status Effects increase for nearby allies. This Railjack ability is unique to Citrine and can be deployed using the Tactical Menu as a geode.


Using the Crystalize ability, Citrine can call upon crystal fractals that charge toward nearby enemies. Any enemies that come into contact with the fractals will be immobilized by crystalline growths. Hitting these growths will result in increased damage.

So, there you have it. That’s all you need to know about Citrine’s abilities in Warframe. Be sure to check out our other Warframe guides and pursue the links below.

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