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Top 12 Scariest Dead Space Remake Monsters

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

Top 12 Scariest Dead Space Remake Monsters

Kill it with fire!

While the scariest thing about Motive Studio’s latest Dead Space remake is that there’s still no confirmation of a Dead Space 2 follow-up locked in for the future (make it happen, EA!), the Necromorphs at the heart of the sci-fi horror experience still have enough of an icky factor to give us a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

With that in mind, then, we thought that now would be the perfect time to give our ranking of the 12 scariest monsters in the Dead Space remake. So, without further ado, grab your Plasma Cutters, praise Altman, and don your snazziest mining rig as we return to the haunted hallways of the USG Ishimura. Let’s go!

12.) The Leviathan

Scary monsters in Dead Space remake, Leviathan
Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

It’s basically just a big butt hole, but with far more explosive yellow balls. And after writing that sentence, I suddenly have the urge to move it straight up to number one on this list because that sounds like pure nightmare fuel. But frankly, that would be cheating.

As is, the Leviathan deserves a spot on this list. Right. At. The… bottom. *ba dum tsh*

11.) Leapers

Scary monsters in Dead Space, Leaper
Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

Okay, so Leapers aren’t too scary. Sure, they can bite your head off. But I’ve seen humans who can do that, too — metaphorically speaking, of course!

They love jumping around and trying to give you warm cuddly hugs, so in a way, they’re kind of like adorable kangaroos… WHO WANT TO EAT YOUR FACE OFF!

10.) Slashers

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

Yeah, I know. Slashers are ten a penny on your journey across the USG Ishimura, but they deserve a spot on this list because a) They’re so damn spooky-looking, and b) They love to spit out molecular acid and rain on Isaac’s parade. How rude!

As Necromorphs go, these are probably the most common adversaries you’ll meet in Dead Space, but they still have the unique talent of making players go: “Urggghggh,” which is always a laudable trait in my book.

9.) Tentacles

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

It’s a little unclear whether the Tentacle is its own entity, or it’s just an appendage of one of the bigger bosses like the Leviathan. That being said, one thing is for sure: Getting crushed to death by one is no laughing matter.

Fortunately, there’s a big yellow pustule for you to conveniently shoot at, which’ll foil the Lovecraftian beastie’s plans. Though you better shoot it sharpish… because its lair is just around th– oh too late, you’re Tentacle food.

8.) Infectors

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

Infectors look a bit like gigantic bats that can’t fly with the added terror of a mosquito-like proboscis protruding from their maw, which is kind of creepy enough if you ask me. But the really spooky thing about them is alluded to in their handle. Yep, they love infecting dead stuff with nasty Necromorph DNA, hence their name.

If you ever step into a roomful of dead bodies in Dead Space, make sure to check those corners for these pesky Infectors, because there’s likely one hidden in the shadows waiting to re-animate those lifeless cadavers into something truly horrifying. Or truly divine, if you ask a Unitologist.

7.) Brutes

Scary monsters in Dead Space, Brutes
Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

These mini-bosses are your classic hulking bullet sponges. While your traditional weaponry will feel like water off a duck’s back for this specific Necromorph, the Flamethrower is a surefire way of putting these foes six feet under.

See, while the Brute’s armored carapace gives the front of the monster a layer of protection, there’s a big gap in its back that proves to be its Achilles’ heel. And the Flamethrower is the only weapon that can reach those vulnerable spots in its back while taking this beast head-on. Or alternatively, you could use your Stasis, freeze the bugger, and peg it behind. The choice is yours!

6.) The Hive Mind

Hive Mind
Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

You’d think the big bad would be a little higher on this list, but it’s actually kind of a pushover when you know what you’re doing. Sidestep its tentacle attacks and aim for the — you guessed it! — big yellow balls of goo, and the job’s a good ‘un.

Yes, it gets a few extra points for its sheer size, and there’s definitely something The Thing-esque about its physical design, but when it comes to pure terror, there are plenty more harrowing sights to behold in EA Motive’s latest remake.

5.) Guardians

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

Case in point: Affixed to walls, these monstrosities are ostensibly large chest cavities that spawn multiple appendages that need to be sliced apart in order to put this creature down for good. Of course, Guardians are immobile, so they love spitting out wee Pods that may look cute, but are seriously anything but.

While Guardians are truly nightmarish to look at, it’s their resistance to traditional weapons that nets it a highish position on this list. FYI: the ol’ Flamethrower is an effective armament for this one too.

4.) Pregnants

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

Speaking of monsters that can be taken down effectively with a Flamethrower, the Pregnant wants to introduce itself. These swollen Necromorphs are a dastardly adversary as shooting them in the abdomen will spill out a bunch of teensy spider-like critters that want to nibble the flesh from off your bones.

As a result, you’ll need to strategically dismember its limbs if you want to avoid the Pregnant’s piñata-like gift. Because it’s not a very thoughtful gift if we’re being honest. Kill it with fire!

3.) Twitchers

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

How do you make something scary, even scarier? Why, turn said thing into a twitching monster that can slow down time, of course!

These are essentially a variant of the Slashers above, but with incredibly rapid speed and longer talons. They’re the result of an infected soldier merging with their Stasis unit so they’ll sometimes unwittingly slow down time to give you an extra opportunity to dispose of them efficiently. Handy!

2.) Dividers

Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

Okay, we’re now getting into true nightmare fuel territory and the Dividers are leading the charge! Not only are they tall and spindly, which is easily the creepiest physique you can ask for, but when you shoot at them, they break off into lots of smaller monsters. *shivers*

Plus, they’re called Dividers and division is quite possibly the scariest of all math concepts. Don’t @ me!

1.) Hunters

Scary monsters in Dead Space remake, Hunter
Image Source: EA Motive via Twinfinite

And a big congratulations goes to the Hunters, which are officially the scariest of all monsters in Dead Space’s extensive menagerie of terrors. But why are they number one, I hear you ask?

Well, Hunters can regenerate their limbs, so they’re pretty much unkillable with standard weapons. For this reason alone, you’ll want to avoid going toe-to-toe with these blighters as you’ll just be wasting your ammo. Instead, just… RUN!

Phew! That’s a lot of Dead Space monsters, right? But what say you, though? Do you agree or disagree with our picks? Sound off in the usual place down below to let us know.

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