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How to Get the Flamethrower in Dead Space Remake

Flamethrower location in Dead Space
Image Source: EA

How to Get the Flamethrower in Dead Space Remake

Throw another Necromorph on the barbie!

Isaac Clarke can’t catch a break. Not only has his shuttle crash-landed into another ship overrun by flesh-eating monstrosities known as the Necromorphs, but his missus has gone AWOL to boot. Oh, and he’s also been tasked with fixing the various mechanical problems around the USG Ishimura like an interstellar dogsbody. Fortunately, there are some tools aboard the ship that can help him fend for himself. Case in point: You may be wondering how to get the Flamethrower in the Dead Space remake. Luckily, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in to the deets, shall we?

Getting the Flamethrower in the Dead Space Remake

First things first, you’ll find the Flamethrower in Chapter 3: Course Correction. Shortly after bringing the centrifuge online, you’ll be tasked with the objective to “Manually Ignite the Engines” and in the hallway on the way to fuel storage, you’ll discover a dead soldier affixed to a wall.

Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

In their hands is the Flamethrower so go ahead and grab it – you’re gonna need every weapon you can lay your hands on!

Using the Flamethrower in the Dead Space Remake

While the Flamethrower was hopelessly underpowered in 2008’s original Dead Space game, the remake has balanced it to the point where it’s arguably one of the most dominant guns in the game.

You see, usually the Pregnant Necromorphs are tricky to kill, as damaging their abdomens spill out a bunch of smaller Necromorphs that are hard to avoid. Thankfully, killing the Pregnant Necromorphs with a Flamethrower completely sidesteps this dilemma.

In addition, the Guardian Necromorphs (the ones that are affixed to walls and shoot out little Pod-type enemies) can be a pain to defeat as they typically keep on spawning appendages for you to shoot or cut away. With a Flamethrower, however, you can make light work of them as the flame burns away all of the appendages before the monstrosity can grown any more.

So, that about wraps things up. Hopefully, this has helped to shed some light on how to get the Flamethrower in the Dead Space remake. For more, here’s how to get the Peng treasure as well as our in-depth review of the game. Alternatively, feel free to browse the links below.

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