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Hell’s Kitchen Challenge BitLife Walkthrough

Hell's Kitchen Challenge
Image Source: Candywriter, LLC

Hell’s Kitchen Challenge BitLife Walkthrough

Become the world’s most notorious chef.

A new challenge has been growing in popularity in Bitlife, where players must finish culinary missions to claim a mystery gift and reign supreme as an infamous chef. But, since this quest involves several complex tasks, you may have difficulty completing it. Fortunately, we’ll help you every step of the way with this Hell’s Kitchen Challenge Bitlife walkthrough.

Bitlife Hell’s Kitchen Challenge Guide

To complete the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in Bitlife, you must finish the following tasks:

  • Be born a male in the UK.
  • Get into college on a soccer scholarship.
  • Become a famous chef.
  • Insult co-workers 25+ times.
  • Appear on talk shows 10+ times.

When you begin your new life in Bitlife, you’ll need to select ‘Male’ as your gender and ‘United Kingdom’ as your country. It doesn’t matter which city you choose during this time since it only mandates to be born from this particular area.

Next, it’s time to practice soccer to achieve the soccer scholarship for the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge. Players won’t be able to do this as a baby, but you can start working out by walking or practicing martial arts in the Mind & Body section. After players begin Secondary School, they must choose the ‘Soccer Team’ as an extracurricular activity.

The main objective is to keep practicing and boost your skills to earn the scholarship. You can see the status of your performance by pressing the Secondary School section, where you can select ‘Practice Harder.’

Practice Harder Option
Image Source: Screenshot via Candywriter, LLC

It’s recommended not to train too much and to refuse any offers of becoming a captain because this will lead to a soccer career, which isn’t the primary goal of the challenge. If you do these steps, you should get a message about an athletic scholarship. However, those who don’t see this prompt will need to restart their life and try the process again.

Athletic Scholarship
Image Source: Screenshot via Candywriter, LLC

After you finish any degree of your choosing, you must get a job in the restaurant industry, like a Host or Food Runner (you’ll need to wait until these show up), and stay with the company for at least three years. Then, players must consistently look at the job board to find and accept the Apprentice Chef position and get promoted by working hard. This process will undoubtedly take some time, and you can choose another place if it’s taking too long with a particular company.

Once players make it to Executive Chef, they’ll complete one of the most complex tasks of the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge. It should be noted that you’ll need to keep your happiness meter up to maintain good performance throughout your career.

You can also insult 25 co-workers to finish the next quest by selecting the ‘Co-Workers’ tab in the job activities. Lastly, players must attend more than 10 talk shows in the Fame section, which unlocks after they become famous for the Executive Chef position. As a result, you will receive a completion for the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge and a randomized mystery gift.

That’s everything you need to know about the Bitlife Hell’s Kitchen Challenge. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on how to get the Ballon d’Or award.

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