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How To Get the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife

How To Get the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife
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How To Get the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife

What it takes to earn the prestigious Ballon d’Or Award… well, a virtual one.

Reaching the highest echelons of athletic stardom, there’s obviously a lot of work involved, especially for those looking to earn the Ballon d’Or Award. In BitLife, you get to experience a sliver of that journey with your very own virtual character. If you too want to be recognized as one of the best (virtual) soccer players, here’s how to get the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife.

How to Earn the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife

In order to earn the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife, you’ll be dedicating your life to soccer very early on. On the long road to professional stardom, these are some key choices to make early on:

  1. Pick Spain as your nationality or immigrate.

    Since the Ballon d’Or Award is typically awarded to players from Spain, you should naturally be living within the country. Either pick Spain when you start a new life to make that easier or immigrate there later on in life when you become a professional soccer player.

  2. Join the soccer team in school.

    As soon as you can try out for the soccer team, do it. More importantly, practice and work out as much as possible in a single turn in an effort to become team captain. Keep your grades up and stay away from drugs because you’ll need good grades to attend university and your coach will drug test you every now and then.

  3. Become a professional soccer player.

    After you’ve graduated high school, and so long as you’ve kept up with practice and working out, you’ll be offered the chance to join professional teams. If not, that’s okay – you can always go through a screening by choosing ‘Pro Athlete’ under Special Careers. Once you’ve been accepted into the league, you’re on your way. Again, stay away from performance enhancing drugs as this will disqualify you.

  4. Winning the Ballon d’Or Award.

    Now that you’re a professional soccer player, continue training and practicing in an effort to get traded to a top-tier team and become an elite player. The goal is to win at least three championships before you start qualifying for the Ballon d’Or Award.

After the third championship, any subsequent championship is an opportunity to earn the Ballon d’Or Award, but keep in mind that this is still left up to chance.

And with that, you have everything you need to know about how to get the Ballon d’Or Award in Bitlife.  If you don’t win one year, keep at it, practice, train, and stay away from drugs. With any luck, you’ll earn it before long. In another life though, maybe you’ll want to live a love as a criminal. If this is the case, knowing how to rob a bank or join the Italian Mafia will prove useful.

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