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Forspoken Is Already Game of the Year For Its Cat Content Alone

forspoken cat familiar
Image credit: Square Enix

Forspoken Is Already Game of the Year For Its Cat Content Alone

Honestly, let’s just change the name of the game to Furspoken.

Cats in games are all the rage these days. Their mere existence has been capturing the hearts of players everywhere, from Game of the Year nominee Stray to the mischievous Catlateral Damage, to the cozy Cat Cafe Manager and more.

Square Enix’s new RPG Forspoken is the latest game to get on board with this trend. The developers included them all over the place, and not only can they be followed to find rare treasures, but most importantly, they are pettable.

The best part about the cats in Forspoken is that there is a type called Familiars that have some kind of mystical attributes to them, such as wings or horns. Finding them across Forspoken’s world allows you to befriend them.

Players are already falling in love with these purrfect felines.

Just look at how beautiful they can be! Who wouldn’t want an adorable, fuzzy, pink-and-yellow furbaby to be waiting for them at any Pilgrim’s Refuge?

Crazy cat ladies everywhere are finding their lives totally fulfilled by the aspect of befriending these magical little guys. Let’s be real—cats were already cool, but once Forspoken gave them wings and horns, it was all over.

Though the final number of precious, pettable felines is unknown at this stage, we have it on good authority that it is somewhere in the realm of A LOT.

If magical winged cats aren’t your thing, well, Forspoken has the regular kind, too. Meet Homer.

I’d die for Homer. I’d die for any of the cats in Forspoken. I haven’t even played this game, but I can already tell you it’s a meowsterpiece.

Let’s just change the name of the game to Furspoken, triple the amount of Familiars, and award it Game of the Year right now.

Furforspoken is available for PS5 and PC starting on Jan. 24. There is a demo on PS5 if you are on the fence, or if you simply want to pet a few cats and call it a day.

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