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New Forspoken Trailer Is All About Exploration & Petting Super-Cute Cats

Forspoken Frey

New Forspoken Trailer Is All About Exploration & Petting Super-Cute Cats

Yes, you can pet the cats in Forspoken.

Today Square Enix released a brand new trailer for the upcoming open-world action JRPG Forspoken.

The video focuses on exploration, following similar extensive overviews about parkour and combat magic.

You’re invited to explore by following the indications provided by local, or simply chasing the markers on the map (or more likely, a combination of both).

First of all, we get to see monuments that can be found scattered around the world. this is pretty much a common open-world trope, and freeing these monuments from the Break will unlock stat increases.

Some monuments also provide repeatable challenges that will provide a variety of prizes.

Founds of Blessing unlock new magical abilities and spells. On the other hand, finding ancient books across Athia will let you take in Spellcraft challenges to improve your skills.

Old coins you can find in chests and other locations can be exchanged for a variety of commodities, while delving underground you can explore Locked Labyrinths. They’re extremely dangerous but can reward you with powerful equipment.

There are also minigames that you can play, and photo spots that let you unlock features in the game’s photo mode by… taking photos.

You can encounter Tantas Familiars, some super-cute little cats that you can befriend and pet, while Combat Challenges will prompt you to put your skills to the test against powerful monsters.

Forspoken is slated to launch on Jan. 24, 2023 for PS5 and PC.

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