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Does Dead Space Remake Have Co-Op? Answered

Is There Co-op in Dead Space Remake? Answered
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Does Dead Space Remake Have Co-Op? Answered

We’re Isaac and Isaac, whoaaaa!

Poor old Isaac Clarke has a tough go of it out in the vast reaches of the cosmos. Not only is he surrounded by all manner of nasty ghoulies, but he must shoulder the burden of trying to save his entire crew from certain disaster. Could there be some form of reprieve tucked deep away in the form of a playable companion? Does Dead Space Remake have co-op? Isaac, darling, I know you’re eager to find out.

Can You Play Co-Op in Dead Space Remake?

No, you can’t play co-op in Dead Space Remake. Not at all. Not in the slightest.

Despite being little more than an engineer, Isaac is expected to handle every single task on the USG Ishimura with only vague words of encouragement from his colleagues. He plays P.A. to the stars, while his commanding officer barks orders from a safe location.

Though it could be considered unfortunate that a feature present in previous games didn’t make a return for Dead Space Remake — Dead Space 2 had a competitive multiplayer mode, while Dead Space 3 offered a campaign which could be played cooperatively in its entirety — such options could be seen as somewhat frivolous to the heart of the original story.

Dead Space thrives on its feelings of isolation and dread, pitting one man against seemingly insurmountable odds and creating tension around every single corner. By focussing on perfecting these elements, the developers were able to create an uncomfortable environment that would lose its impact when working alongside a friend.

Though the answer to whether Dead Space Remake has co-op may be disappointing to some, we can assure you from our review that what is here is very, very good. Just like our further Dead Space Guides below! They’re quite good too, but be warned: One of them may be hiding a Necromorph, so beware.

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