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Are There Online Modes in Dead Space Remake? Answered

Image Source: EA

Are There Online Modes in Dead Space Remake? Answered

The USG Ishimura has terrible Wi-Fi, I’m afraid.

The Dead Space Remake takes inspiration from the original 2008 hit, but gives it a fresh lick of paint and reimagines some key scenes, elements and features of the original game. It’s essentially taking a cult-classic and bringing it up to modern-day standards. As such, some players may be wondering whether the Dead Space Remake has online multiplayer or other online functionality to enhance the gameplay experience.

Does Dead Space Remake Have Online Features?

Unfortunately, no, there are absolutely no online features or functionality in the Dead Space Remake. While you might have been hoping to have a digital hand to hold as you navigate the creepy USG Ishimura in the middle of space, you’re fresh out of luck. Developer Motive Studio opted not to include any online multiplayer in the game, as was the case in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 respectively.

The former game introduced a 4v4 multiplayer mode that was actually a ton of fun, whereas Dead Space 3 introduced a co-op mode where players and a friend could work their way through three missions. Despite multiplayer being such a large part of the games industry nowadays, Dead Space Remake remains a solo-only experience.

That’s not a bad thing though, as it ensures that there’s plenty of tension and atmosphere as you make your way through the game.

Now you’re across whether or not Dead Space Remake has online features; we hope you feel more secure in your endeavors! For everything else on Dead Space Remake, you can go ahead and check out the links below.

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