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What Is the Dead Space Remake About? Explained

What Is the Dead Space Remake About? Explained
Image Source: EA

What Is the Dead Space Remake About? Explained

Space hides many horrors.

It’s been fifteen years since gamers were introduced to Dead Space, a survival-horror story set in one of the scariest settings imaginable: space. The series fell short following the third entry, yet here we are all these years later, with the Dead Space Remake revisiting what was created all those years ago. If you’re new to the Dead Space universe, you’re probably wondering what the commotion is about. Fear not, or embrace your fears; here’s everything you need to know about the Dead Space Remake’s narrative.

*** Minor Dead Space Remake Spoilers Below***

What Is the Dead Space Remake About?

Dead Space remake review
Image Source: EA

The Dead Space Remake follows the story of engineer extraordinaire Isaac Clarke and his time aboard the USG Ishimura, a ship labeled a “planet cracker.” Isaac Clarke is a part of a rescue team that is sent to the Ishimura after the massive ship goes dark.

After arriving, Clarke and the crew discover something sinister is going on, as the ship is overrun by unexplained monstrosities known as Necromorphs. Clarke’s mission becomes to uncover the evil happenings, repair it, and survive by any means possible.

When the remake was announced, the development team at Motive Studio made it abundantly clear that this remake would be a faithful recreation of the original entry. However, the team has taken the liberty to rework some of the game’s weaker plot points by adding more lore to discover, removing Clarke’s silent stature, and many more narrative enhancements.

Fear not, fans of the original, our review of the remake was nothing less than stellar, as the new additions improve a title that was critically acclaimed in 2008. That’s all you need to know about the Dead Space Remake’s narrative. For more Dead Space content, check out our related sections below.

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