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Is There Multiplayer or Co-Op in High on Life?

High on Life artwork
Image Source: Squanch Games

Is There Multiplayer or Co-Op in High on Life?

Does High on Life have room for two? Here’s what you need to know.

Squanch Games’ highly anticipated title, High on Life, is finally here, thrusting players into the journey of a lifetime. As a bounty hunter, you must figure out a way to save Earth through the use of talking alien weapons and a variety of skills. The game features a highly memorable cast of characters which begs to question if there is any form of multiplayer or co-op in High on Life. Here’s what you need to know.

Does High on Life Have Multiplayer or Co-Op? Answered

High on Life gets New Gameplay Video Full of Shooting, Cursing
Image Source: Steam

Unfortunately, High on Life does not have any multiplayer or co-op functionality. Leading up to the game’s launch, all footage was primarily single-player footage, and now that High on Life is out, we have confirmation that it is single-player only.

As mentioned, High on Life focuses on the plight of a bounty hunter who is tasked with saving Earth. The game is strictly single-player, with your alien guns called Gatlians who do the talking for you. When browsing through the game’s assortment of menus, you’ll be quick to notice that multiplayer is not an option. While inherently designed to be a solo experience, stranger things have happened, so the possibility of a co-op may never be off the table.

That’s all you need to know about if there is multiplayer or co-op in High on Life. Be sure to check out similarly related topics on Xbox, such as the price hike for upcoming first-party titles, the full slate of titles set to hit Game Pass, or the latest on the ongoing battle over Call of Duty.

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