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Is the Chainsaw Man Manga Complete? Answered

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Is the Chainsaw Man Manga Complete? Answered

Hopefully there’s pictures of boobs.

Now that Chainsaw Man’s first anime season has reached its triumphant conclusion, restless fans are left wondering what else there is to do with their lives. Short of having a go at picking up an actual chainsaw and carrying on Denji’s legacy in real life, the best alternative is perusing the source manga from Tatsuki Fujimoto. But hey, how much is there to get through, and is the Chainsaw Man manga complete? We’ve got your answer right here, mortal.

When Will the Chainsaw Man Manga Finish?

At the time of writing, not only is the Chainsaw Man manga still ongoing, it’s right in the thick of a second saga that focusses on withdrawn schoolgirl Asa Mitaka. The first part chronicling the Public Safety wars was comprised of 98 chapters, while part 2 has only seen 17 at this stage. As such, it is reasonable to assume that we have barely scratched the surface of what is yet to come.

Part 1’s original run lasted over two years, running from Dec. 3 2018 to Dec. 14 2020. After a long layover, Fujimoto picked up the pen in July of this year to commence on part 2. Whether that means we still have a year and a half left worth of tantalizing Chainsaw Man content is uncertain, but the runaway success of the anime would make it difficult not to explore every avenue of this blood-soaked universe.

So now that you know whether or not the Chainsaw Man is complete, it may be time to download that Shueisha reader app on your phone and start reading. Don’t forget, Twinfinite is your home for Chainsaw Man guides and features, and we’ve got the downlow on everything from who part 2’s Asa Mitaka is to our list of all Chainsaw Man opening and ending themes.

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