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How Many People Play Destiny 2? D2 Player Count Explained

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Image Source: Bungie

How Many People Play Destiny 2? D2 Player Count Explained

You might be surprised.

Destiny 2 is a free FPS set in an open world that has regular events and challenges for players, so it’s safe to say that there’s a lot to do. With all these features, you might be wondering how big a player base the game has, so here’s everything you need to know on how many people play Destiny 2.

How Big Is the Destiny 2 Player Base?

The Destiny 2 player count is 42 million, according to MMO Populations, making it one of the most popular games out there. This number breaks down to about 800,000 players per day, so wait times for PVP events are short. Additionally, there are various challenges in the open world that can be completed with other players like Lost Sectors, Warsat Downs, and the bigger enemies where you don’t need to join a queue at all.

Destiny 2 Guardians hunting down aliens.
Image Source: Bungie

The Destiny 2 team has done a good job of building a player base, making so many events possible. You’ll even see other players during your tutorial missions and they can help you mow down a group of enemies. It’s easy to invite your friends along to show them the ropes, or complete some difficult missions and claim your share of the loot.

That’s everything we have on the Destiny 2 player count. Check out some of our other Destiny 2 content like season 19 downtime, exotic weapon updates, and getting a Rose Hand Cannon.

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