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How to Defeat Fiske in God of War Ragnarok

how to defeat fiske mini boss in god of war ragnarok
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How to Defeat Fiske in God of War Ragnarok

Tips and tricks you can use to beat Fiske in God of War Ragnarok once and for all.

God of War Ragnarok features a variety of bosses that, if unprepared, can quickly knock you out. If it has a big health bar at the top, don’t underestimate it. One boss in particular can and will be a problem for many fans of the game, and his name is Fiske, who is one of Odin’s Einherjar. If you count yourself among those players, then here’s everything you need to know on how to defeat Fiske in God of War Ragnarok.

Tips and Tricks on Defeating Fiske in God of War Ragnarok

In God of War Ragnarok, Fiske can be quite punishing if you get a bit too greedy trying to deal damage. Unlike other enemies in the game, Fiske feels more like a Dark Souls enemy, and should be treated as such; in fact, many of the same tactics are used to defeat Fiske.

  1. Pay attention to Fiske’s attacks.

    Fiske has only a few combos, but his most used combos involve attacking two to three times. His two-hit combo starts off being unblockable, but is followed by an attack that can be, and should be, punished with a shield slam. His three-hit combo comes in two variations: one that ends in an unblockable attack and another that can be parried.

    pay attention to fiskes attacks to punish with parries

  2. Parry as often as possible.

    Fiske hits rather hard, not to mention applying Bifrost, but his swings are relatively slow. You can parry any of his attacks that aren’t unblockable (the red ring), even if you don’t see the yellow ring appear. This causes his Stun bar to fill up massively, especially if you parry several attacks in succession. If you have some faith in your skills, consider swapping to a Dauntless Shield, too.

  3. Keep your distance when Fiske’s weapon glows purple.

    Fiske has the ability to imbue his weapon with Bifrost energy, causing you to lose a portion of your health until it wears off. When you see his weapon glow purple, create some distance between you and him. It’s also a great time to use your Runic abilities to zone him.

    stay away when fiske uses bifrost attacks in god of war ragnarok

  4. Use your Spartan Rage effectively.

    Valor and Fury are both really good for the fight against Fiske, so either or will work depending on your playstyle. Fury is obviously good for straight damage, but having health on tap via Valor is useful for gaining back the chunks that Fiske removes, especially if you were unlucky enough to get hit with Bifrost.

With that, we’ve gone over everything you need to know on how to defeat Fiske in God of War Ragnarok. He can be a tough fight if you don’t pace yourself, not to mention lacking backup from Atreus or Freya. If you’re having trouble, perhaps picking up a few more Idunn Apples in Vanaheim will help. It wouldn’t hurt to craft some strong armor, like Dragon Scaled Armor.

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