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Can You Play Roblox on PS4 and PS5? Answered

Can You Play Roblox on PS4 and PS5? Answered
Image via Roblox Corporation

Can You Play Roblox on PS4 and PS5? Answered

Roblox can be played almost anywhere, but what of PS4 and PS5?

Roblox is a widely accessible game thanks to its relatively low resource requirement, vast library of player-created content across a variety of genres, and its platform availability. Any fan of the game can go from playing with their friends on PC to a mobile device, all on the same account, but what about Sony’s PlayStation consoles? Can you play Roblox on PS4 and PS5?

Is Roblox on PS4 and PS5?

Unfortunately, no. As it stands, Roblox is not available on PS4 or PS5, nor is it available as a downloadable app on the PlayStation Store.

Some fans will be quick to point that both the PS4 and PS5 have browser apps, but those too are a dead end. You can log in and browse the catalog of games, change your avatar, purchase accessories, but as soon as you attempt to start a game, it attempts to install Roblox using an installer.

Despite being accessible from the browser, the software still has to installed to a supported platform in order to run the extension library of games like Build a Boat or the insanely popular Adopt Me.

Will Roblox Be Released on PS4 and PS5?

Given that Roblox is home to millions of players, it would certainly make sense, but as of right now, there hasn’t been any official statement from Roblox Corporation to bring the game to both the PS4 and PS5.

While you cannot play Roblox on PS4 and PS5, it is available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/Series S, and Fire OS. If you own any lower-end devices, you’ll find our guide on how to increase FPS invaluable, especially if you plan on playing the first-person shooter Arsenal.

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