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Top 10 Best Shows Like National Treasure: Edge Of History

National Treasure Edge of History distributed by Disney Platform Distribution
Image Source: Disney Platform Distribution

Top 10 Best Shows Like National Treasure: Edge Of History

Find out which shows have their own styles over the general concept that National Treasure: Edge of History incorporates.

National Treasure: Edge of History marks the return of the series after a 15-year hiatus, with the Disney+ show following a new team of explorers. The films were popular due to the action-adventure involved, which was presented through a group of protagonists teaming up for a specific mission. The TV series incorporates the same elements, but there are other shows that can scratch that adventurer’s itch, too. These either play it straight with the same treasure-hunting concept or take a spin at the team-up format in their own way. That said, here are 10 shows like National Treasure: Edge of History that fans should make sure to watch.

Leverage (2008-12)

Leverage distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution
Image Source: Paramount Home Media Distribution

Leverage is about a heist team who comes up with ways to hit back at corporate institutions and the government for their illicit dealings. The specialist thieves also have to constantly cover their tracks to prevent their enemies from tracking them down, which is easier said than done.

The show has the aspect of teamwork and heist outline that National Treasure: Edge of History incorporates as well. The core cast all have their own motives but are united through their mission, with a pre-mainstream fame Aldis Hodge from Black Adam present for those wanting to check out one of his early roles.

Fringe (2008-13)

Fringe distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Fringe is a sci-fi series centering around the titular division of the FBI which is responsible for investigating cases relating to fringe science. The characters’ experiences escalate further as the series progresses as they discover threats from across time.

Fringe and National Treasure: Edge of History have the theme of exploring and picking up on clues in common, along with the dedicated group of allies. The show has a lot of heart, as the dynamic between the cast is explored in addition to the many sci-fi elements in each episode.

Warehouse 13 (2009-14)

Warehouse 13 distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Image Source: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Warehouse 13 is about a group of agents responsible for locating artifacts that have become charged with energy and can be used for evil in the wrong hands. The warehouse is where these items are placed, while a lot of the action takes place out on the field.

Fans of National Treasure: Edge of History can see Warehouse 13 as a palette swap of sorts, in that the premise is around the same but with a sci-fi twist. The series also has a lighthearted tone which goes well with National Treasure’s own, so viewers will feel right at home.

Blood & Treasure (2019-)

Blood & Treasure distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution
Image Source: Paramount Global Content Distribution

Blood & Trigger follows antiquities expert Danny McNamara and art thief Lexi Vaziri as they team up to catch a villain who uses stolen treasure to bankroll his criminal activities. The pair’s adventures take them across the globe as their elusive target keeps leaving clues.

Blood & Trigger focuses significantly on art and items of value, similar to National Treasure: Edge of History where people chase after valuable things. The banter between the main characters is another aspect close to National Treasure’s fast-talking characters, while fans will also find themselves drawn to the mystery behind the villain.

Timeless (2016-18)

Timeless distributed by Universal Television
Image Source: Universal Television

Timeless plays out like something of an adventure game, as characters team up to chase after a baddie across time who plans to rewrite it. The series has an exciting atmosphere due to the different settings in each episode, which ensures that it remains fresh.

National Treasure: Edge of History fans will appreciate Timeless’ focus on historical facts, along with the outline of a group of people going on adventures. The series also has an overarching story in each season, which justifies the characters’ hopping through time.

The Librarians (2014-18)

The Librarians distributed by Electric Entertainment
Image Source: Electric Entertainment

The Librarians is about a group of people hired to protect ancient artifacts by falling into the wrong hands. The crew comes across things like Pandora’s Box and Excalibur, among other things, which brings them into conflict with enemies who are also fantastical by nature.

National Treasure: Edge of History and The Librarians have elements like team-ups and searching for treasures in common, with the latter taking on a case-of-the-week format to let the historical aspect shine. The Librarians features quite a few wholesome moments as well to enable viewers to connect with the characters.

Da Vinci’s Demons (2013-15)

Da Vinci's Demons distributed by BBC Worldwide
Image Source: BBC Worldwide

Da Vinci’s Demons is a fictionalized take on Leonardo da Vinci, where the protagonist uncovers a huge conspiracy. His efforts lead him to find the Book of Leaves, which a cult is also after. Leonardo also has a dedicated group that supports him through his various missions.

Da Vinci’s Demons might not be historically accurate, but it has enough of that renaissance flavor that National Treasure: Edge of History fans will find appealing. The show instantly captures viewers into the conspiracy that Leonardo is looking to uncover, along with throwing various twists that alter his journey constantly.

Relic Hunter (1999-2002)

Relic Hunter distributed by CBS Television Distribution
Image Source: CBS Television Distribution

Relic Hunter is about protagonist Sydney Fox’s globe-trotting exploits to reclaim stolen artifacts and return them to their rightful owners. Sydney’s missions become dangerous when rival hunters plan to challenge her for their own greedy purposes, which is when Sydney’s friends arrive to help.

Relic Hunter and National Treasure: Edge of History both have main female heroes who act as the nucleus of their group. The shows’ primary story centering on finding historical clues makes them more similar, with Relic Hunter credited as one of the first to make this outline such a success.

Sherlock (2010-17)

Sherlock distributed by BBC Worldwide
Image Source: BBC Worldwide

Before Benedict Cumberbatch was known for starring as Doctor Strange, his most famous role was Sherlock Holmes. The series takes place in modern times where Sherlock and John Watson solve crimes, usually regarding mastermind thieves who can give Sherlock a run for his money.

National Treasure: Edge of History viewers will like the partnership between John and Sherlock, as it’s close to the dynamic the protagonists enjoy in the Disney+ series. Sherlock is very easy to get into due to the complex and genius cases that the protagonist solves, and watching them unfold is an absolute treat.

The Lost Symbol (2021)

The Lost Symbol distributed by Universal Television
Image Source: Universal Television

The Lost Symbol is about a young Robert Langdon as he deciphers deadly puzzles needed to be solved to learn the location of his missing mentor. The series has Robert in a race against time to uncover clues relating to history and mythology, with the reveal that the villain is someone he knows.

The Lost Symbol’s indulgence in historical and lore-filled details makes it relatable to National Treasure: Edge of History, along with the pacing of the series that sees Robert and his allies jump from one place to another. The show has a set story from start to finish, meaning fans can have the best viewing experience in one sitting.

That does it for our picks for the best shows like National Treasure: Edge of History. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more entertainment-related content, including our take on the Top 10 best movies like Tag.

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