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Who Is Catalyst in Apex Legends? Explained

Who Is Catalyst in Apex Legends? Explained
Image Source: Epic Games

Who Is Catalyst in Apex Legends? Explained

Catalyst has an incredibly interesting backstory in how she fits with the new map.

At its heart, Apex Legends is still a character-focused battle royale. If you have a character you main, there is definitely some backstory and lore for them if you want to dive into it. The last several seasons have introduced characters with a focus on backstory, so there’s always more to learn. If you haven’t looked too deeply into the new character, we’ve got you. Here’s exactly who Catalyst is in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Catalyst Backstory

Catalyst (real name Tressa Crystal Smith) was born and raised on the planet Boreas. For story context, Boreas is the same planet that Seer comes from and is the setting for the Arenas map called Encore. The new map of season 15, Broken Moon, takes place on Boreas’ moon Cleo.

Boreas is referred to as a “faltering planet” in official descriptions, and its moon Cleo doesn’t fare much better. Catalyst spent her time on “crystal readings, moon rituals, and personal witchery”. Her Stories from the Outlands video shows that her friend bombed a corporate mining structure in an attempt to save the moon, Cleo. This explosion brings Catalyst in contact with the ferrofluid, which forms the basis of her powers.

The launch trailer then shows it was Seer who sold Cleo over to the Apex Games and the shady company running it. This puts her on a collision course with Seer in an antagonistic relationship similar to Loba and Revenant. There will certainly be more to this to look forward to over the course of the season in the comic pages.

For now, this is everything there’s to know about Apex Legend’s new character Catalyst. If you’ve not yet dropped into the new season, you can check out the new battle pass for some solid motivation.

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