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What Is the Max Level Cap in Gotham Knights? Answered

What Is the Max Level Cap in Gotham Knights? Answered
Image Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment via Twinfinite.

What Is the Max Level Cap in Gotham Knights? Answered

Turns out the Gotham Knights level cap is higher than we thought.

Seeing as Gotham Knights is a full RPG, there are of course skill points and skill trees. There’s always the question of the level cap to figure out just how conservative you need to be on spending skill points. We’ve been playing plenty of Gotham Knights and can give you exactly what we know about the max level cap.

Gotham Knights Level Cap

There’s a slight bit of trouble with the level cap. While you can get to level 40 in Gotham Knights, you can only do so while playing the game in a new game plus after beating the game once. In the first playthrough of the game, you are capped at level 30 to work on your chosen character’s skill trees.

We have already worked out that you aren’t able to respec in Gotham Knights at all, and even with 40 levels of getting one skill point a level, there won’t be any way to get all skills as one character even with hitting max level. Due to this, you should definitely plan out the path you want to take with your skills, as you can see what most of them are from the start aside from the fourth tree, Knighthood.

That is everything you need to know when it comes to the max level in Gotham Knights. If you’re getting Gotham Knights to enjoy some quality time with a friend, we have a guide on how to play the game in co-op. We also have a guide for when the digital version will unlock for everyone to play.

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