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Can You Respec in Gotham Knights? Answered

Can You Respec in Gotham Knights? Answered
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Can You Respec in Gotham Knights? Answered

While you can’t respec, there are plenty of options for builds in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is very much an RPG in that you level up and gain skill points to use in the skill tree. However, as the game progresses you might regret some of the skills chosen and want to change around how you built out your selected character. Most games let you do this through something called a respec, but does Gotham Knights offer this gameplay feature? Here’s all the information we have on if you can respec in Gotham Knights.

Does Gotham Knights Let You Respec?

Sadly, there isn’t any way to respec in Gotham Knights. Once you spend a skill point on a character, there is no taking that back. Due to this, we recommend being extra sure how you are building your characters towards to max level.

It is also recommended that you save some of your skill points until unlocking each character’s Knighthood tree, as that is typically where you’ll find the more unique attacks and skills.

Every character gets four skill trees (including Knighthood) with an assortment of skills. For instance, the four skill trees for Red Hood are Marksman, Brawler, Vengeance, and Knighthood. He has a total of 27 skills to unlock through skill points.

There is no way to earn every skill with a character before they hit the level cap, so you need to be judicious in picking what you unlock.

That is everything you need to know regarding if you can respec in Gotham Knights. While you can’t mess with your skills after the fact, you can always customize your appearance.

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