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What Is the Catspaw Dagger in House of the Dragon? Explained

Catspaw Dagger with prophecy revealed by fire.

What Is the Catspaw Dagger in House of the Dragon? Explained

What is the significance of the famous dagger from GOT and HoTD?

The Game of Thrones (GOT) universe likes its sharp objects: from the Iron Throne to named swords, characters take anything pointy they can get their hands on. The Catspaw Dagger has been an item of interest in House of the Dragon, carried by King Viserys himself. Here’s everything you need to know about the Catspaw Dagger in House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon Catspaw Dagger Explained

The Catspaw Dagger is a weapon passed down through generations of Targaryens with the Song of Ice and Fire engraved on it. Aegon the Conqueror realized the dagger could survive hundreds of years as a reminder of the most dangerous threat to humans ever, so he engraved his dream on the blade. King Viserys intended to pass it to Rhaenyra upon his death, but it ended up going to King Aegon II.

The dagger survives until Game of Thrones when Arya used it to kill the Night King, a subtle but effective connection between the shows. Arya’s victory is a break from the prophecy, as Jon Snow was thought to be the Prince that was Promised, and he didn’t wield the dagger nor kill the White Walker king—then again, prophecies are vague for a reason.

That’s everything we have on what the Catspaw Dagger is in House of the Dragon. Check out some of our other House of the Dragon content like whether Criston is in love with Alicent, why Rhaenys refuses to kill King Aegon, and the meaning behind the beast beneath the boards.

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