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What Does Valorant Mean? Definition Explained

how to use deceive in Valorant

What Does Valorant Mean? Definition Explained

Here’s what VALORANT means.

First-person shooters are as popular as ever, and if buying new video games feels like a strain on your wallet, free games like Valorant are a great option. The game has plenty of weapons for whatever combat style you prefer. Here’s everything you need to know about what Valorant means.

Valorant Definition Explained

Valorant may sound like a word, but it’s simply the name of the Riot Games tactical 5v5 title. It’s probable that the word itself was derived from the English word “valor”, which means to be brave or courageous. That does kinda fall in line with the characteristics of various characters in the game, and Riot simply put a unique spin on it to come up with a new game title.

If you’ve not played Valorant, it’s a tactical shooter, defined by its semi-realistic graphics that have an almost cel-shaded quality. There are several game modes, but the main one is the first-to-13 standard is broken into 13 rounds in which one side attacks and the other defends. The objective is to either plant/defuse a bomb (called the Spike) or eliminate the entire enemy team. There are a variety of maps to play on, so you’ll need to stay sharp to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Unlike Counter-Strike on which it is based, Valorant features agents who have special abilities that fit into a few different roles defined by the game: Duelists are the primary attackers for a team, Initiators disrupt the opposing team, Sentinels hang back and defend captured turf, and Controllers dictate the ebb and flow of rounds primarily by deploying smokes to conceal chokepoints. There are plenty of opportunities to be inventive and surprise your opponents.

That’s everything we have on what Valorant means. Check out some of our other VALORANT guides like everything we know about Mage, how you can use VALORANT sensitivity in Overwatch 2, and this cool new Crimsonbeast weapon skin bundle.

Image Credit: Riot Games

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