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Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart, Explained

Featured Image Source: Luca Galante via Twinfinite

Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart, Explained

Learn about Vampire Survivors’ weapon evolutions.

Now that Version 1.0 of Vampire Survivors has been released, players can experience the latest modes with various weapons and items. But, if you are a newcomer to the game, there are several mechanics that may be challenging to comprehend in the beginning stages. So, to help you with this aspect, here’s everything you need to know about Vampire Survivors’ Evolution chart.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution Chart

Weapon Evolution Chart
Source: Luca Galante via Twinfinite

Vampire Survivors’ Evolution chart allows players to combine the strength of a fully leveled-up weapon and a passive item to create a new enhanced version of the tool. With this game mechanic, you’ll initially see a few combinations that work together, like the Whip and the Hollow Heart in the first slot. However, several sections don’t display the second required item for its evolution; therefore, players must try out different materials to see which ones correlate with each other.

If you aren’t sure where the ‘Weapon Evolutions & Unions’ chart is located in Vampire Survivors, you can find it in the menu by pressing the ‘Esc’ button and selecting ‘Open Grimoire’:

Selecting the Grimoire
Source: Luca Galante via Twinfinite

When players decide on a particular combination, it’s best to continuously level up the desired weapon until they reach level eight (the maximum level). Then, you’ll receive a chest from a boss (sometimes during certain time intervals) with a newly enhanced weapon. For example, those who meet these requirements with Garlic and Pummarola will gain the Soul Eater, which can steal hearts and increase the character’s power when recovering HP.

Besides Vampire Survivors’ evolution mechanic, players can combine weapons to form a Union, such as Pachone and Ebony Wings. Or, you can receive a Gift when you obtain the Victory Sword and Torrona’s Box to produce the Sole Solution. For more combinations, you can check out this chart created by Reddit user Chaser1807 here:

Weapons and Passive Items in Vampire Survivors
Source: Chaser1807

There will undoubtedly be more weapon evolutions to come, especially since there are new items from Version 1.0. With this in mind, you can explore the latest update to see additional combinations of the game.

That does it for our guide about Vampire Survivors’ Evolution chart. While you are here, you can check out more content about the game by looking at the relevant links below, such as our guides about how to find the Gallo Tower Coffin, unlock the Seventh Trumpet, and obtain Queen Sigma.

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