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Is Farming Simulator 22 Cross Platform? Answered

A tractor plowing in Farming Simulator 22
Image Source: Giants Software

Is Farming Simulator 22 Cross Platform? Answered

The fine details on whether or not Farming Simulator 22 has cross platform.

Farming Simulator 22, for the uninitiated, drops you right into a virtual world with virtual machines and virtual crops to harvest. You can hop into tractors, build a farm from scratch, and make your way to raking in hard earned cash. Even your friends can join, but what if they’re on a different platform? Is Farming Simulator 22 cross platform?

Farming Simulator 22 – Is It Cross Platform? Answered

Yes, Farming Simulator 22 does in fact have cross platform. It’s available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Series X, as well as Stadia.

It doesn’t matter which platform you play Farming Simulator 22 on—you will get to mix and match with players from any of the aforementioned platforms. To enable cross play in Farming Simulator 22, simply toggle “Allow cross play” when you’re creating a server to host.

With the ability to play multiplayer with friends on any platform, there is one key limitation that you should be aware of. The maximum number of players that can join a server is 16 on PC and it’s 5 on console, so long as the host sticks around. If you have a big friend group with more than 5 people, at least one designated person should pick up Farming Simulator 22 on PC.

Now you know that Farming Simulator 22 has cross platform. It should be noted that if you join someone’s server, make sure you have the same DLC content as them otherwise it doesn’t appear. For more on Farming Simulator 22, check out any relevant content listed below.

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