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How to Make Ingots in Coral Island


How to Make Ingots in Coral Island

Here’s how to make ingots in Coral Island!

If you have been playing the newly released farming game Coral Island, then you have likely been hitting the mines quite often. Almost every game of the genre has an ore system and ingots you can craft out of said ore. If you’re wondering what to do with your ore in Coral Island so that you can make better use of it, look no further! Simply check out the guide below to see how you can craft a furnace and how to make ingots in Coral Island.

Making Ingots in Coral Island

Ingots are one of the key resources in Coral Island, and in order to craft them, you’ll need a furnace and some ore. We’ll go over the steps in more detail below.

Crafting the Furnace

The first step to making ingots of your ore is crafting the furnace. You should receive this recipe quite early on in the game after mining a little bit. Simply press the letter T on your keyboard to open up the crafting menu. From there, select the furnace as shown below.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

You will need to have 40 stone and 20 bronze ore on hand to craft it so make sure you visit the Earth mine beforehand if you are running low. Once you have the materials, click where it prompts you to craft and place the furnace anywhere on your farm.

Crafting the Ingots

You should now be able to craft ingots! For one ingot you will need five pieces of any ore (bronze, silver, or gold) and one coal.

Image Credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Make sure to have everything in your inventory before trying to place ore into the furnace. If you are wondering how to get every kind of ore in Coral Island, check out our guide here.

With these guides, you should now be on your way to crafting some ingots out of your ore in Coral Island. Be sure to check out our other Coral Island content, including how to care for crops and activate the Solar Orbs.

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