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The Best Internet Reactions to the DualSense Edge’s Pricing

DualSense Edge Controller

The Best Internet Reactions to the DualSense Edge’s Pricing

Here’s some of our favorite reactions to the DualSense Edge’s $200 price point.

Sony has just revealed some new details about the upcoming DualSense Edge controller. With a customizable feel that allows players to remap buttons as they please, this looks to be Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller series.

Sony also announced that the controller will release on Jan. 26, 2023, and it won’t be cheap. Sony is set to release the controller for a hefty price of $199.99 USD/¥29,980 (including tax)/€239.99/£209.99. That’s a massive asking price for a controller, one that far supersedes the price of games and even approaches the cost of a console itself.

Naturally, though, this price may cause a pretty big reaction on the Internet. We decided to take to Twitter to see how everyone is feeling about it, and we found some pretty interesting responses. Here are some of the best ones:

Idris, I feel you. Careful around your eyes.

Pretty much my face when I looked at that price.

The controller should come with a financial literacy course.

This is what happens when controllers are so expensive.

Jason Segel’s clearly taken his stand.

Don’t knock it ’till you try it; I’d like a controller that cleans my house.

I need immersion in my electric cars, after all.

Well, if it can’t do that, there is an invention that could get you close to that.

Wouldn’t that be convenient…

Grab yourself a Nintendo Switch Lite, all for the price of a DualSense Edge!

Nibel just gets it.

Well…you can…do stuff with it?

Because… actually, that’s a good question. Why do controllers cost that much?

We’re entering the cold time of year, warmth is more important than a controller.

Hooray for price gouging!

So yeah, it looks like the DualSense Edge could burn a hole in your pocket which could make it a tricky investment. Maybe it would be more beneficial to find a regular DualSense, like the new variant set to be released alongside God of War: Ragnarök. But are you planning to grab yourself a DualSense Edge? Or does the $200 price point turn you away? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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