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Best Dual Blades Build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Image Source: Capcom

Best Dual Blades Build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This is the best dual blades build for your character in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak on the Nintendo Switch.

With the release of Monster Hunter Sunbreak on the Nintendo Switch, the Dual Blades weapon has seen an increase in DPS thanks to the appearance of Sunbreak Chameleos. Alongside our pick for the best Dual Blades weapon, the combination of armor from the Golden Rathian wyvern and Chameleos Elder Dragon gives access to a mixed armor set that works in tandem with the Chameleos Dual Blades. With the newly available materials, this is the best dual blades build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Building the Best Dual Blades in MH Sunbreak – Chameleos Dual Blades

Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

For our primary set of Dual Blades this time around, we’ll want to utilize the Chameleos Blades since these guys have a great combination of power, status, and customization. In order to forge this weapon to its max level, you’ll need to start with the Rouge Flames I Dual Blades and then complete four stages of evolution with the total following materials:

  • Elder Dragon Blood x1
  • Chameleos Hide+ x3
  • Chameleos Claw+ x2
  • Chameleos Tail x2
  • Chameleos Gem x1
  • Chameleos Spike x2
  • Chameleos+ Material x12 pts
  • Shimmering Scale x1
  • Pure Dragon Blood x1
  • Chameleos Finehide x3
  • Chameleos Hardclaw x2
  • Chameleos Lash x2
  • Large Elder Dragon Gem x1
  • Chameleos Hardhorn x2
  • MR Chameleos Material x12 pts
  • Shimmering Shard x2

When you fully complete this build, your Chameleos Blades will have the following stats:

  • 310 attack power
  • Element status effect of poison
  • 3 empty slots for gems
  • 2 Rampage slots

It’s critical to augment your weapon so that you can expand the Rampage Decoration slot, which lets your master rank weapon use the Rampage skill. This opens up the possibilities of customization and one of your best choices for this slot is the Daora Soul Jewel 3, which increases your affinity the more rapidly you hit your foes in a short amount of time. Since the Chameleos Blades have no natural affinity, this is a great way to start increasing your chances to land critical hits to boost your DPS.

Best Dual Blades Mixed Armor Set + Decorations

Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

Once you finish building your Chameleos Dual Blades, you’ll need the perfect set of armor and decorations to match. As mentioned earlier, you’ll be mixing pieces from the Golden Rathian’s Golden Lune set and Chameleos’ Risen Mizuha set.

Helmet – Golden Lunehelm

The helmet of this armor set requires the following materials to build:

  • Chameleos Fellwing x2
  • Gold Rathian Cortex x4
  • Gold Rathian Weave x1
  • Gold Rathian Surspike x1

Chest Piece – Risen Mizuha Robes

  • Large Elder Dragon Gem x1
  • Chameleos Hardclaw x2
  • Chameleos Fellwing x2
  • Chameleos Risegem x1

Gloves – Risen Mizuha Sleeves

  • Espinas Mantle x1
  • Chameleos Finehide x3
  • Chameleos Fellwing x2
  • Chameleos Risegem x1

Waist – Golden Lunecoil

  • Malzeno Hardfang x2
  • Gold Rathian Shard x3
  • Gold Rathian Cortex x2
  • Gold Rathian Weave x2

Boots – Risen Mizuha Gaiters

  • Gore Magala Eclipse x2
  • Chameleos Finehide x2
  • Chameleos Hardhorn x3
  • Chameleos Risegem x1

Decorations for the Best Dual Blades Build

With this full set of mixed armor, you’ll have a total of 11 slots and an additional 3 from your Chameleos Dual Blades that you’ll want to fill up with these decorations:

  • Handicraft Jewel+ 4 x2
  • Tenderizer Jewel 2 x3
  • Critical Jewel 2 x3
  • Expert Jewel 2 x2
  • Chain Jewel 2 x1
  • Grinder Jewel 1 x3
  • Venom Jewel 1 x2

You can place these anywhere as long as they fit and all of your slots are filled up. After putting everything together, your build will have all of these skills and you’ll be able to rock:

  • Foray
  • Burst
  • Status Trigger
  • Counterstrike
  • Divine Blessing
  • Defiance
  • Peak Performance
  • Critical Boost
  • Evade Window
  • Recovery Up

The goal of this build is to maximize the poison status element of your dual blades so that they’ll activate on your enemy almost immediately after you start attacking. It’ll require you to stay on the monster, but it shouldn’t take too long before the beast starts feeling the effects of your poison. If the monster is weak to poison, you’ll be able to build up your poison faster with even more devastating effects.

Now that you have this build put together, it’s time to take out your Dual Blades and help other fellow hunters slay the ferocious monsters in the latest Sunbreak expansion. This is the best Dual Blades build in Monster Hunter Sunbreak that you’ll need to give a try, at the very least. When you have some downtime between hunts, check out some of the past Japanese Monster Hunter Sunbreak commercials that aired in Japan as well as a bunch of our other related content down below.

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