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All Songs in She-Hulk Season 1: Full Track List & Artists

she-hulk song list
Image Source: Marvel Studios

All Songs in She-Hulk Season 1: Full Track List & Artists

Here’s a list of all the songs featured in She-Hulk.

Disney+’s She-Hulk is a pretty huge departure from the MCU in terms of tone. It’s way more comedic and a little bit more slapstick than you’d expect, and the stakes are definitely much lower than in your typical superhero flick. To go with the lighter tone, She-Hulk also has a banger soundtrack that really fits the vibe. Here’s a full list of all the songs featured in She-Hulk so far.

She-Hulk Full Song Tracklist

Since the first season is still ongoing at the time of publication, we’ll be updating this article each week with the new songs from each episode.

Episode 1

  • Money on It – Together Pangea
  • Next Thing You Know – Robin and the Rocks
  • Asleep in the Clouds – Wenda Williamson
  • I Want to Be With You – George Simms
  • Mi Pueblo Querido – Ramon A Stagnaro, Steven Lindsey, Steve Kofsky
  • Fast (Motion) – Saweetie
  • Porro Bonito – Orquesta Ritmo De Sabanas
  • Cumbia Caletera – Tito Nunez y su Orquesta
  • Who’s That Girl? – Eve
  • Licked and Live on Ludlow – Saul Miles Richards
  • Banaito Y Perfumao – Fernando Cavazos

Episode 2

  • Stop this Flame – Celeste
  • Scratch – Aaron Childs
  • Before I Go – Sarah Mah
  • Feeling Better – Louise Dowd, Jeremy Abbott

Episode 3

  • VIP – Samuel Garay
  • News Fanfare Logo – Evan Beigel, Pat Regan
  • Body – Megan Thee Stallion
  • Go Easy on My Love – Stuart Berry Mayfield, Aaron David Anderson
  • Seize the Power – YONAKA
  • Banaito Y Perfumao – Fernando Cavazos

Episode 4

  • Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix) – A3
  • Again – Marlee XX
  • Vortex – Stolen Nova
  • Blades of Glory – HLM
  • Zoom – Jessi
  • Unordinary Love – Chris Love
  • I Love You – Siddartha Khosla
  • Sidelines – Cole Simon
  • Heaven Is a Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle

Episode 5

  • Go Higher – Prop Pilot
  • Shine – Tiffany Pierce, Lestley Renaldo Pierce Jr.
  • Fire at Night – Yianni Anastos-Prastacos, Alex Strahle, Miles Eberhardt
  • Golden – King Hawkins
  • Say My Name – Tove Stryke

Episode 6

  • The Vibes – SaFire
  • Cash or Check – Helmut Reinhardt
  • Fist Bump – Ken Elkinson
  • Lark Quartet – Adagio Cantabile – Joseph Hayden
  • Minuet – Abigail Trundle
  • Walking on Broken Glass – Annie Lennox
  • All Nite Affair – La Voyage
  • Electric Boogie – Marcia Griffiths
  • Must Be the Love – Daniel K. Solovitz, Chris B. Harris, Brent I. Wesley
  • High Yah – DJ Spinowitz

Episode 7

  • Now I’m In It – HAIM
  • MMMBop – Hanson
  • Piggy Breaks Out – Joseph Raposo
  • Peppers and Onions – Tierra Whack
  • IDGAF – Dua Lipa

And that does it for all the songs featured in Disney+’s She-Hulk. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information on the show, including a breakdown of episode 6’s ending, Intelligencia’s role in the show, and whether Daredevil is set to show up.

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