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How To Obtain Harrowed Weapons In Destiny 2


How To Obtain Harrowed Weapons In Destiny 2

Here’s how to obtain the new Harrowed King’s Fall weapons in Destiny 2.

The Master difficulty for the King’s Fall raid has launched in Destiny 2. Upon its release comes a new slew of weapons for players to hunt for, the Harrowed versions of the King’s Fall guns. Harrowed weapons are no different from standard Adept weapons, but the means of obtaining one are slightly different. So today, let’s discuss how to get the new Harrowed weapons from the King’s Fall raid. 

How To Obtain Harrowed Weapons In Destiny 2

Harrowed Doom of Chelchis
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As mentioned before, the means of earning a brand new Harrowed gun are slightly different compared to the standard versions. For example, the Doom of Chelchis Scout Rifle can be obtained from either the Totems encounter or the Oryx encounter on normal mode. However, on Master mode, the Harrowed version of the Doom of Chelchis can only drop from completing an encounter challenge. Although, it can drop from any encounter challenge, not just Totems. This applies to the other Harrowed weapons as well.

Bungie implemented a new feature where once a player obtains a Harrowed weapon the first time, it will not drop again from completing a challenge until the player gets all of the Harrowed weapons. This allows the player to be guaranteed all the guns eventually, as this new feature will continue to stack until all Harrowed weapons have been earned.

Can Harrowed Weapons Be Crafted In Destiny 2?

Adept Smite of Merain Destiny 2
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A common question regarding Adept raid weapons is whether or not the Adept versions, or in this case, the Harrowed guns, will be craftable. Unfortunately, as per tradition, the Harrowed guns are currently not craftable. Players can still earn deep-sight versions of the Harrowed weapons, but their deep-sight essence can not be extracted and put towards a craftable version.

However, if, for example, a player obtains a deep-sight version of the Harrowed Doom of Chelchis and pulls the essence from it, the progression will go towards the weapon pattern for the standard Doom of Chelchis instead.

Bungie has said in a previous TWAB that they are looking into the future of Adept weapons and, more specifically, Adept raid weapons. Currently, outside of collection purposes, Adept raid weapons serve no purpose and have no incentive to obtain over the standard versions for one main reason—the ability to craft the standard versions, unlike the Adept ones.

Are Harrowed Weapons Better Than Crafted Weapons In Destiny 2?

As mentioned before, the ability to craft the standard raid weapons is an overwhelming advantage compared to the Adept versions. This is no different in King’s Fall, as players can craft the regular versions of the guns, but not the Harrowed ones.

Adept/Harrowed weapons are not better than their standard counterparts for one main reason, Enhanced perks. Enhanced perks are far and away superior to Adept mods, hence why Adept/Harrowed raid weapons currently serve no purpose outside of collection purposes in the game. 

That’s everything you need to know on how to obtain Harrowed Weapons in Destiny 2. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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