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Is CS: GO Down? How to Check Instantly

Is CS GO Down How to Check Instantly

Is CS: GO Down? How to Check Instantly

Getting to the bottom of things.

Not sure if the CS: GO servers are currently down? Here’s what you can do when it comes to checking the status of the game and its server status if you are running into issues.

Is CS: GO Down?

It looks like the CS: GO servers are currently down, as of 10:38am ET on August 9, 2022. According to CS: GO database, Steam performs server maintenance every Tuesday, so temporary outages are to be expected, and it may be that this one is running a little longer than usual. Currently, there’s a surge of session logons, and there’s a High Load on the Polish, US Southwest, and Emirates servers. The India East server is entirely offline.

Give it an hour or so and with a bit of luck, the server outage will be resolved. If there are any problems cropping up, it might very well be your own connection causing the issue.

Try restarting your computer or your router, and in extreme cases, check if your own Internet connection has some issues on your ISP’s end.

How to Check CS: GO Server Status

Should there be widespread problems for CS: GO, it can be hard to find out just what’s happening as there are no proper channels that serve that purpose, unlike MMOs such as New World. However, thanks to third-party sites, things can be made a little clearer.

Down Detector can be a reliable resource, as is Steam Status, as any reports about outages over the last 24 hours will be reflected here. Players can also check out the CS: GO Database for more up-to-date reports about the server status.

If you see many other players having the same troubles that you have, then it is likely the game’s problem and not something you can remedy on your end. That might give you some time to check out other shooters like Valorant and Apex Legends.

That’s all you need to know when it comes to checking if CS: GO servers are down. For more on CS: GO, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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