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When Does the Chainsaw Man Anime Come Out? Answered

When Does the Chainsaw Man Anime Come Out? Answered

When Does the Chainsaw Man Anime Come Out? Answered

Want to know when the Chainsaw Man Anime comes out? we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know.

To say the Chainsaw Man anime is highly anticipated would be an understatement. One of the hottest properties to be released by Shonen Jump in recent years, it offers a strange and bloody twist on the usual shows filling the genre. Likewise, the anime has MAPPA handling its animation, leaving many hopeful that it’ll be ripe with visual splendor. However, one question remains that you’re probably asking yourself: When does the Chainsaw Man Anime Come Out? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date

Though an official release date hasn’t yet been revealed, we do have enough information to provide two key windows where it could begin streaming: Fall 2022 or Winter 2022.

Because it has been confirmed that the anime is releasing this year on Crunchyroll, the Fall Season, which begins near the end of September or the start of October, or the Winter Season, which begins right around the end of November or the start of December, are the only options left. Either would allow the series to hit its intended release within 2022 and will give MAPPA more time to polish everything before revealing it to the world.

As for which season it’ll fall into, we’re still not certain. Promotional material is still being released for the series as we speak, with the cast for the series still not set to be unveiled until Aug. 5. Factor in that Crunchyroll will need to set a date for when the first episode will be properly subtitled, and there are more than a few factors left up in the air.

All the same, the starts of the seasonal windows are better than nothing, and we’ll update this guide appropriately once more information has been made available.

Hopefully, this cleared up when the Chainsaw Man anime is coming out. For more on all things anime, check out the related article down below. We’ve also got plenty of lists and features to peruse, from ones on topics like the best anime villains to others covering the best action anime or best mecha anime around.

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