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All As Dusk Falls Achievements List

as dusk falls

All As Dusk Falls Achievements List

Find out how to unlock all the trophies for As Dusk Falls.

Like any decision-based games, As Dusk Falls features a ton of different outcomes and endings within the storyline. So, it’s no surprise that this INTERIOR/NIGHT exclusive has a substantial list of trophies to unlock. To help you in this journey, here’s a list of all achievements in As Dusk Falls.

All Achievements in Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls has 50 earnable achievements that you can receive throughout the game based on your decisions and QTE skills. Here’s a list of all achievements, including their Xbox rewards and what you’ll need to do to earn them:

Trophy NameHow to UnlockXbox Rewards
And So It Begins…Completed Chapter 130G
Cop OutBig Sam killed by Tyler at Desert Dream20G
Message ReceivedAlerted Big Sam without raising Tyler’s suspicion20G
Tables TurnedVince managed to get the gun from Tyler20G
Point BlankVince failed to get the gun from Tyler20G
Code BreakerUsed the safe code to open Dante’s safe10G
Smooth CriminalGot the money without alerting Dante10G
BungledFailed to execute the perfect burglary20G
Caught in a TrapCompleted Chapter 230G
Paging Dr. WalkerSuccessfully removed the bullet for Michelle10G
What’s Your Emergency?Escaped your bindings10G
Dodged A BulletWarned Dale about the sniper on the water tower20G
LifesaverMichelle reached the hospital for treatment20G
Keeping The Faith Trusted Michelle about her relationship with Bruce20G
What’s Done is DoneForgave Michelle for her affair with Bruce 20G
UnforgivableDidn’t forgive Michelle for her affair with Bruce20G
New DawnCompleted Chapter 330G
Better the Devil You KnowTold the Holts about Dante’s pager10G
Long Arm of the LawKept the pager hidden from the Holts10G
Second ChanceVince and Michelle saved their marriage10G
She’s Coming with Us Zoe was taken hostage by the Holts20G
Take Me InsteadVince convinced the Holts to take him as their hostage20G
ResurrectionHelped the stranger to rise from the grave 10G
Buried Alive Jay buried the stranger alive20G
From Dusk ’til DawnCompleted Chapters 1-3 of As Dusk Falls60G
Into the WoodsCompleted Chapter 430G
InvincibleVince survived the Desert Dream 10G
Once a HoltRefuse to abandon your family at the cabin shootout10G
Brothers in ArmsStop Tyler falling from the tree10G
Hands in the AirJay surrendered to the cops 20G
No Going BackJay killed the cop who tried to arrest him20G
Trail of BreadcrumbsAsh revealed the cabin’s existence to Dante20G
Cabin? What Cabin? Ash didn’t reveal the cabin’s existence to Dante 20G
RunawaysCompleted Chapter 5 30G
BullseyeWin the darts challenge with the trucker10G
Plead the 5thRefused to confess to Bradley10G
Heart to Heart Jay and Vanessa fell in love10G
You’re On Your OwnJay and Vanessa went their separate ways at the campground20G
Bonnie and ClydeVanessa decides to go to Canada with Jay20G
Cuba LibrePaul escaped to Cuba with Sharon20G
JailbirdSharon was captured by Dante20G
Past, TenseCompleted Chapter 630G
Breaking BreadZoe shared a meal with Jay20G
Most WantedZoe reported Jay’s whereabouts to the authorities20G
Stay of ExecutionJay’s execution was called off at the last second20G
Enough is Enough Zoe didn’t stay to witness Jay’s execution20G
Into the Wild Escaped the FBI and made it to Canada20G
Free Bird Forest ranger let Jay escape to Canada20G
Almost Made ItJay got arrested at the border20G
End of the Road?Completed Chapters 4-6 of As Dusk Falls60G

If you do happen to miss some of these trophies, you can still replay chapters by pressing the ‘Explore Story’ tab in the Main Menu. From there, players can start from unlocked checkpoints and choose other options to produce a different direction in As Dusk Falls’ many journies.

So, there you have it, these are all the achievements of As Dusk Falls listed. Before you go, you can look at our other guides for the game, such as how to save, how to play co-op multiplayer, and how to connect the Smartphone Companion App. Don’t forget to also explore the relevant links below for more exciting news and updates on As Dusk Falls.

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