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How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

Give Abigail a break and save her life!

With so many counsellors running about in The Quarry, you might think most of them will survive the horrors in The Quarry. That will of course depend on what players ultimately decide to do at different junctures in the game, with all sorts of choices that could potentially change the course of the story. For those looking to ensure that there is no blood on their hands, preparation in advance is the way to go. If you have been wondering about how to save Abigail in The Quarry, we have got you covered.

How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

There are three chapters in The Quarry in which Abigail will be in danger, so knowing what to do at these points in the story will prevent her from meeting a grisly end.

Chapter 6


With the gang holed up in the pool house, the conversation between Abigail and an infected Nick will take a turn for the worse. After throwing poor Abigail right across the room, our girl has had enough and picks up the shotgun. Take the shot, or Abigail will be killed. This will not kill Nick, so don’t worry about it.

The Quarry Abigail Nick

Chapter 8


In the case that Emma has been bitten in your story, Abigail will be in danger once more in Chapter 8. As the counsellors go near the minivan, an infected Emma will jump out and attack. Aim true as Kaitlyn and dispatch Emma if you wish to keep Abigail alive.

The Quarry minivan

Chapter 9


Should Emma not succumb to the infection in the previous chapter, she becomes a danger to Abigail when the duo enters the shelter at the bottom of the lodge. Be sure to choose to run for the ladder instead of the stairs, and complete the QTEs to climb it successfully and escape.

The Quarry Abigail Emma Stormshelter

That is all the important bits you’ll need to know about how to save Abigail in The Quarry. Do check out our other relevant content about The Quarry below, or read other helpful guides like how to save Max from death, finding all the evidence, or how many chapters there are in The Quarry. For everything else, search Twinfinite.

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