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7 Tips & Tricks for Beginners in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal

7 Tips & Tricks for Beginners in Diablo Immortal

Want to be the best in Diablo Immortal? Here’s some tips and tricks to help you get started.

The vast world of Diablo Immortal can be a lot to take in when starting the game. Choosing the right class type and exploring the inventory mechanics are just some of the few things you need to learn initially. To help you with this process, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for beginners in Diablo Immortal. So, let’s dive in to start your RPG journey.

Choose the Right Class for You

Diablo Immortal Classes
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The first thing you want to do is pick the best class that caters to you. Diablo Immortal features various characters to choose from, including Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Sorcerer.

Players should read the description of each class type since it’ll give you an idea of what to expect. For example, the Barbarian is excellent for players who like classic melee gameplay, while Demon Hunters are more for archer users. Additionally, the Crusader class excels in both offensive and defensive tactics.

You can also help support the team by picking the Monk character or acquiring powers of the dark arts with the Necromancer. Lastly, the Sorcerer is fantastic for players who like magic and long-range attacks.

For more help, you can view our guides on choosing the suitable class for you and how to change your character’s appearance.

Salvage Your Gear & Items

Salvaging gear in Diablo Immortal

Demons and monsters drop many items for you to obtain during your journey. The more collectibles you acquire, the more your inventory becomes full. You’ll need to restore this gear by visiting the Blacksmith to free some space. He will salvage them for parts and create crafting materials to upgrade your armor and weapons.

In addition, the game promptly alerts you when you are salvaging higher-level items. So, you don’t have to worry too much about selling the ones you need.

Make Use of the Fast Travel System

Fast Travel in Diablo Immortal

Once you learn how to travel fast in Diablo Immortal, you should use this transportation system to get around quicker. You’ll be able to teleport to various places on the map through discovered Waypoints. If your inventory is full, you can use this mechanic to go to Westmarch instantly and unload items you don’t need.

Players can visit unexplored areas of the map to set new Waypoints for future missions. To unlock this ability, be sure to finish the story quests in the beginning.

Complete Main Questline Missions

Diablo Immortal Reveal Trailer
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The fastest way to level up your character is by completing the Main Questlines. More story missions will be unlocked once you finish the game’s Prologue. You won’t have to grind as much to level up your character and increase your XP through this process. There are also accessible side missions you can achieve when you have the time.

If you aren’t familiar with the navigation of Diablo Immortal, you can click on the quest to help guide you. All you need to do is follow the trail of footprints, and it should lead you to the designated area.

Players who want more co-op experience can start a Clan, Warband, or access the Party Finder system. You can also view an in-depth guide on how to play co-op in Diablo Immortal.

Upgrade Your Weapons & Gear

Upgrading weapons and gear in Diablo Immortal

Beginners of Diablo Immortal should get used to checking their inventory since this is a straightforward way to upgrade your gear and weapons. First, players should equip higher-level items (They have a green arrow at the top of the item’s box). Then, you can compare your currently equipped weapon/gear to other collectibles you have obtained.

If you have unused gear/weapons leftover, remember to salvage them through the Blacksmith. Another thing to look out for in your menu is the rewards you can earn through achievements. If you see red dots on particular buttons, click or press it to claim exclusives and currency. For instance, the Battle Pass and Conquests located in your Codex often give players the chance to gain more items.

Customize Your Skills

Skills in Diablo Immortal

Skills are essential to maximizing your experience in Diablo Immortal. Instead of constantly attacking enemies repeatedly, you can deal immense damage with these abilities. These powers can also allow you to crowd control more easily, like the Falling Sword shown in the above image. When a Crusader uses this skill, you’ll be able to hit enemies within a circular area around you.

As for the other class types, there are many skills that you can acquire for these characters as well. For instance, the Monk’s Thunderfist teleports you to enemies and attacks them with multiple punches. The powers of the Sorceror also include Magic Missile and Meteor, which damages foes through mystical elements. Each character comes with their own set of abilities, and that’s why it is essential to choose the right one.

You’ll still access more skills as you progress along with the story. Test out each talent to discover the ones that are the most valuable to you. If you get stuck in a specific area or boss, you can switch these powers to increase your chances of success.

That does it for our list of tips and tricks for beginners of Diablo Immortal. For more guides on the game, you can learn how to heal and if there are cross-platform options available. Be sure to also check out the relevant links below and search for Twinfinite to see the latest gaming guides and news.

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