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6 Reasons Why You Need to Convince Your Non-Gaming Friends to Play The Quarry With You

The Quarry

6 Reasons Why You Need to Convince Your Non-Gaming Friends to Play The Quarry With You

It’s about time you and your friends get together to do play some good ole’ hack and slash game.

Do you want your non-gaming friends to play The Quarry with you but aren’t sure how to convince them to give it a shot? Here’s a list of reasons to aid in your quest to persuade them!

A Horror Fan’s Dream

Laura in The Quarry
Source: Supermassive Games

If your friends love horror movies and TV shows, then The Quarry is the perfect game for them to play. It has all the iconic slasher movie tropes, including jump scares, a camp hidden in the woods, and young adults making horrible decisions (I mean, come on. Why does the group always have to split up?)

Everyone in the party can grab a bucket of popcorn and watch in suspense while monsters and hunters threaten the lives of the camp counselors. But, of course, it isn’t a horror game without an excessive amount of blood. The Quarry delivers on the gore in spades, especially when you make the wrong move and cause the death of a particular character.

A significant difference between watching a scary movie and actually playing the story in a game is that one sets the bar, while the other is a hauntingly memorable experience.

Cinematic Elements

The Quarry
Source: Supermassive Games

On top of the horror aspects, The Quarry showcases cinematic components, such as beautiful scenes and visuals. The design of the characters is so realistic that you almost forget it’s a video game. If your friends aren’t particularly keen on games, you can also change it to Movie Mode, a viewing experience with no gameplay required.

You can pick three options: Everyone Lives, Everyone Dies, and Director’s Chair. Have a happy ending with Everyone Lives, or go the morbid route with Everyone Dies. Want a complete customizable pathway? Take on the Director role and define your journey in Hackett’s Quarry. Lastly, there is an add-on exclusive, Gore Fest, for people that love intense, bloody scenes.

The cast of The Quarry may also sound and look familiar to your friends. The main playable characters are notable actors like Brenda Song, Justice Smith, and Skyler Gisondo. Your group will also be pleased to see famous horror film alums, including Ted Raimi, David Arquette, and Grace Zabriskie. They could be fans of these actors and actresses, so maybe this could add to your compelling argument as you convince them to embark on this horrific journey with you.

Co-op Experience

Co-op mode in The Quarry
Source: Supermassive Games

The Co-op Mode is fantastic for people that want to feel included in the game. Instead of your friends aimlessly watching you through the Single Player Mode, they can join in on the fun with this option. For instance, everyone can look through the game’s roster and choose the characters they want to take control of. Additionally, there is a description for each playable character to help guide your non-gaming friend’s decisions.

You can play with one person or seven others if your party is big enough. Once you and your group finish the selection process, you’ll pass the controller to the designated person. Each chapter stars various characters, so everyone will have a chance to play.

Diverse Set of Characters

The Quarry
Source: Supermassive Games

The relatable characters of The Quarry will undoubtedly have you rooting for your favorite ones. However, if one of your friends doesn’t particularly care for one person, they will most likely find someone they like, thanks to the diverse roster.

Quiet and curious people could favor Ryan, while people who love social media will undoubtedly relate to Emma. If someone likes the jock type, Jacob is a great character who can be goofy and hubristic. Furthermore, Dylan can make those around you laugh with his sarcastic jokes.

Every character is unique in their own way, which gives everyone a fair opportunity to find someone they like amongst the cast.

A Story That Is To Die For

The Quarry
Source: Supermassive Games

The mystery of Hackett’s Quarry will surely keep your friends on the edge of their seats. The first chapter hooks you with the disturbing story of Laura and Max. Unfortunately, these characters are in for a rude awakening when they get lost on a dark, misty night. The events afterward focus on other playable characters, like Kaitlyn and Abigail.

The counselors of The Quarry are stuck at the camp for one more night. However, they soon realize they are not alone in the woods and must battle against an unknown force. Since everyone loves a good mystery, your non-gaming friends can unravel the secrets of the camp and discover the truth for themselves.

Straightforward Controls

The Quarry
Source: Supermassive Games

Lastly, the controls for The Quarry are relatively simple for anyone to play. The Quick Time Events are straightforward for non-gamers, while characters’ movements are easy to maneuver. There is also a shooting mechanic if the player acquires a gun; this, again, should be totally trouble-free.

The decision-making element is the game’s shining point because it makes you feel like you are a part of the experience. The group can make choices together or make fun of each other when someone makes the wrong move. The ending of the story can either leave everyone satisfied or disappointed. But don’t worry, you and your party can play the game again to discover new pathways and get the finale everyone agrees on.

When you finally reach out to your non-gaming friends to play The Quarry, you can show them this list of reasons to convince them. We hope this helps you in your quest to have more of a multiplayer experience. And remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

Featured Image Source: Supermassive Games

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