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How to Sign Up for Warner Bros MultiVersus Closed Alpha


How to Sign Up for Warner Bros MultiVersus Closed Alpha

Warner Bros MultiVersus looks set to be the next big platform fighter to hit consoles and PC later this year. Ahead of its July release, players can sign up for the Warner Bros MultiVersus closed alpha which will run for a week later this month. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about signing up for the MultiVersus alpha so you can see how Tom and Jerry fare against Scooby Doo’s Shaggy, Batman or Bugs Bunny.

How to Sign Up for Warner Bros Multiversus Closed Alpha

Go to the official website and you’ll be brought to a main landing page. On the very front of this, you’ll find an orange button with ‘Closed Alpha Sign Up’ in the center of it.

closed alpha sign up button on

Click on this and then sign into your WB Games Account if you have one already with your email and password. If you don’t have one, you can create an account for free here, too.

account login screen

After signing in to your account (or creating one), a message will pop-up on screen indicating that if you click the ‘Agree’ button, you’re accepting that signing up for the closed alpha doesn’t guarantee you access, but it will add you to the MultiVersus Closed Alpha email list.

click accept and continue to sign up for multiversus closed alpha

Click ‘Accept and Continue’ and then you’ll receive a message indicating you’re all signed up and will receive an email if you’ve been lucky enough to get a spot in the alpha.

multiversus closed alpha pre-registration success message

According to the closed alpha FAQ, ‘Confirmation emails will begin to go out on May 17. Codes will be distributed and redeemable when the Closed Alpha begins on May 19 at 9a.m. PDT. Additional confirmation emails and codes may also be distributed throughout the closed alpha period from May 19- May 27.

Friend Codes

It’s also worth noting that if you’re successful (or someone you know is), you can invite three friends to join the Closed Alpha. This is done by logging into your WB Games account and then following these steps:

  • Select “Beta Management” from the left menu.
  • Click the “Invite a Friend” button in the MultiVersus section.
  • Copy the full URL and send it to a friend.

How Long Does the MultiVersus Closed Alpha Run For?

The closed alpha will begun on May 19 at 9a.m. PDT/ 12p.m. EDT/ 5p.m. BST and end on May 27 at 5p.m. PDT/ 8p.m. EDT/ 1a.m. BST (May 28).

What Will the MultiVersus Closed Alpha Include?

Currently, WB Games has confirmed that the following content will be available in the closed alpha for players to check out:

  • Characters: 
    • Batman,
    • Superman,
    • Wonder Woman,
    • Harley Quinn
    • Shaggy
    • Velma
    • Bugs Bunny
    • Tasmanian Devil a.k.a. Taz
    • Arya Stark
    • Jake the Dog
    • Finn the Human
    • Steven Universe
    • Garnet
    • Tom & Jerry
    • An extraordinary original creature named Reindog.
  • Please note, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Arya Stark, Steven Universe, and Garnet will be initially locked, but can all be unlocked over time through gameplay. All other characters will be immediately available when the Closed Alpha begins.
  • Maps: 
    • The Batcave (DC)
    • Tree Fort (Adventure Time)
    • Scooby’s Haunted Mansion (Scooby-Doo)
    • Trophy’s E.D.G.E.
    • Trophy’s E.D.G.E. 2
    • Classic 3 Platform
    • Training Room.
  • Modes: 
    • 2 vs. 2 team-based cooperative mode
    • 1 vs. 1 matches
    • 4-player free-for-all
    • The Lab (practice mode)

What Platforms Will MultiVersus Alpha Be on & Is There Cross-Play?

WB Games has also confirmed that yes, the MultiVersus closed alpha will be cross-play across all available platforms, which are as follows:

  • PS5
  • PS4
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • PC (Steam)

That’s everything you need to know about the MultiVersus closed alpha. For more on the upcoming free-to-play arena fighter, be sure to check out the links below.

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