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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Sprint & Run Faster

How to sprint and run faster

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Sprint & Run Faster

Nintendo‘s latest entry in its long-spanning, monster-collecting RPG franchise, Pokemon Legends Arceus, is finally out and on store shelves, and while there’s oodles of critters to catch, quests to complete, and a mystery to unfurl, some of you may be wondering how to get around the epic landscapes of Hisui that little bit quicker. Worry not, as in this guide, we’ll explain how to to sprint and run faster in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Let’s get into it, shall we?

How to Sprint & Run Faster in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To sprint and run faster in Pokemon Legends Arceus, all you’ll need to do is press the L3 button.

This will temporarily increase your movement speed so you can get around the world a little bit quicker and explore all those nooks and crannies Hisui has to offer.

In other words, clicking down the left thumb-stick will give you a momentary boost of acceleration to help speed up your adventuring in Legends Arceus.

Can You Increase Sprint Speed in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

No, you can’t increase your sprint speed, but you can mount Pokemon to ride around the world. Wyrdeer, for example, can be mounted to get around land areas more quickly. Basculegion, on the other hand can be mounted to get across bodies of water, while Hisuian Braviary will take you flying through the skies.

And that’s about everything you need to know about how to sprint and run faster in Pokemon Legends Arceus. For more tips, tricks, and guides, search for Twinfinite, or head on over to our dedicated wiki for the game. 

For any other questions you have that aren’t answered on the site, do feel free to reach out in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to lend you a hand.

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