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Best Destiny 2 Gambit Subclasses, All 12 Ranked


Best Destiny 2 Gambit Subclasses, All 12 Ranked

12. Arcstrider

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

best gambit prime subclasses

Let’s start this list off by saying, the best subclass to use in Gambit is whichever one you play best with. Ultimately, the subclasses in Destiny 2 are pretty well-balanced, and skill and proficiency with a class is way more important to success than just stacking whatever subclass is in vogue. That said, some subclasses have it easier than others, so here are our picks for the best Gambit subclasses in Destiny 2. 

The Arcstrider is absolutely viable in Gambit, it is just is the most generic of all the subclasses in this mode, and lacks unique utility as compared to the rest.

Arcstriders are a good fit as both a collector and a defensive-minded Invader that prefers to get in close rather than using long-range weapons. Their Whirling Guard super gives them a unique niche of being able to dive into dangerous territory to either collect motes or cross the map while invading.

Of course, too, they can use their regular ability kit to thrash enemies and smack bosses upside the head, but again, it’s not something that other subclasses can’t also do.

11. Gunslinger

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

Even after a nerf to Blade Barrage, Gunslinger is still a force to be reckoned with in Gambit. For one, yes Blade Barrage is still pretty good, it’s just not as broken as it used to be.

Pop it on a primeval for some instant, safe and heavy damage; or use it on an envoy to melt it, and anything else around it, pretty much instantly.

Blade Barrage can also make quick work of guardians as an invader, and because of how quick it is, it can save you from getting sent back home early if someone gets the jump on you.

Of course, you can use the new buffed Golden Gun instead if you feel comfortable roaming, allowing you to get even more invader kills from a safer distance.

Gunslinger’s only draw back is that, outside of your super, the utility drops off a bit compared to other subclasses that have some more versatility to it. The next subclass is a prime example of this.

10. Voidwalker

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

The Voidwalker is a great all around Gambit class that can do a lot of jobs on the battlefield. With a Devour build, the Voidwalker is an extremely self-sufficient tank that can both reap and collect.

However, Nova Warp isn’t in a great spot, and primevals just go down so fast these days that Nova Bomb isn’t as helpful as it once was in Gambit.

Still, that said, it’s definitely a great way to quickly clear the area around the bank of anything pesky, take a nice chunk of damage off the boss, or wipe a team while invading.

9. Striker

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

best gambit prime subclasses

Striker should be higher on this list but it’s not and that’s mostly because of the current Gambit meta.

The Striker can either be an excellent add-clear subclass with any of its three skill trees or a boss burner with its middle tree and Cuirass of the Falling Star. That same middle tree can also be great for quickly wiping out an opposing team while invading as well… in theory.

While that’s nice on paper there’s a few things you need to consider. First, primevals die so fast now these days to regular weapons, that Thundercrash isn’t going to be critical as it would be in say PvE. Still it’s nice to have no doubt. Also, if the opposing team has a Shadebinder that’s awake, they can easily shut down your Thundercrash if you’re trying to invade with it and there’s nothing more brutal feeling than that.

As far as add-clearing goes, while yes the Striker is great at it, but so are a lot of other classes. Still, all that said, you can’t go wrong if you do decide to main a Striker just keep all that in mind.

8. Dawnblade

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

best gambit prime subclasses

If primevals were still as mean as they used to be when Gambit first started, Dawnblade would be higher on this list as there’s no bad time to have a Well of Radiance thrown down.

That’s still the case even now, but it just doesn’t feel as critical as it once did. You can get by just fine without a Well, and if you take the Well away then Dawnblade is more or less just an average add-clearing subclass without a great way to hurt the boss.

It can, however, be an excellent super for Invading for the obvious reason of being able to fly up high and pick off the opposing team one by one as you would in PvP.

7. Defender

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

best gambit prime subclasses

The Defender lacks the pure offensive capability of the Striker but it makes up for it in utility and survivability.

The Defender is arguably one of the best collectors in Gambit. It has a lot of abilities in its toolkit to give it a defensive edge, such as Defensive Strike, and allow it to safely navigate some of the most dangerous parts of the field in order to collect those wonderful motes of dark that the Drifter is so fond of.

There’s also, of course, Banner Shield, which can not only assist with upping the damage of your team, but can shield teammates from invader fire while DPSing the primeval.

Ward of Dawn is helpful, but as is the case with Dawnblade, it’s not absolutely critical anymore with how easy the bosses are.

6. Stormcaller

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

Stormcaller is just so well-suited to be helpful at pretty much all phases of a Gambit match and players that choose this subclass will have so many helpful options to choose from.

Its super, Stormtrance, just lasts so long, is so destructive to rank and file enemies. Abilities such as chain lightning feed into this ability to quickly clear out packs in Gambit so you can move on to the next one quickly.

Arc Buddy is never not helpful to have and every bit of extra DPS on a boss could mean the difference in getting the kill before an invader shows up and resets the HP. Or you can go with Chaos Reach and have a nice safety net for boss damage just in case you get unlucky with ammo.

There’s a lot of different ways you can play Stormcaller in Gambit, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a “wrong way.”

5. Behemoth Titan

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

A well-specced Behemoth that knows how to properly use Glacial Slide is just so incredibly destructive pretty much at all times in Gambit. Exploding Stasis crystals make short work of groups of red bar enemies, and if specced properly with high discipline you can pretty much sling Stasis crystals around all match long.

On top of that, the Behemoth can also give its self-damage boosts, and help recharge the abilities of its allies faster as well with Tectonic Harvest.

Finally, it’s super, allows it to completely cover an area in Stasis crystals. Whether you want to use that to create cover for you and your team, or just blow them all up to damage anything nearby, that’s up to you. Either way, it’s incredibly helpful.

4. Revenant Hunter

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

The Revenant Hunter, like other Stasis classes, benefit from having excellent neutral games that can be customized to benefit the Revenant. There are few other Destiny 2 subclasses that can compete with the Revenant’s ability to slow down and hinder groups of enemies and because of the Revenant, packs of enemies in Gambit are a lot safer to navigate.

When its super is active, though, a Revenant can completely shut down an area for an extended period of time and that gives it a very useful niche.

Throw it down in a pack of enemies and watch as they wither away. Or, if you want to go on the offensive, throw it in the vicinity of the opposing team while in invading and watch as they scramble to find a new place to attack the primeval while your team goes to town (hopefully).

3. Shadebinder

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

It’s just really handy having a Shadebinder around. Not only is it an excellent add clearing subclass that can be customized to constantly slow and freeze enemies, and in a hectic situation, that can’t be understated.

Also, in the hands of a skilled player, it’s melee attack that freezes an enemy can single-handidly win you games if used on an Invader that is threatening your entire team.

There are few things more glorious than watching a Thundercrashing Striker get frozen in its tracks by a Shadebinder.

2. Sunbreaker

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

Sunbreaker with a proper Warmind Cell build is one of the best subclasses in the game at completely leveling a whole area of the map quickly.

If you want to rock top tree, you can use your hammer super to quickly roam an area (or run down the other team) while also having the added utility of using Hammer Striker to soften up tough enemies such as yellow bars or Taken blockers in the early game before you or teammates have heavy weapons.

If you opt for middle tree, you can have one of the best neutral games in Destiny 2, create Warmind Cells like crazy, and have a super that does pretty solid boss damage as well.

The Sunbreaker just pretty much does everything you could want in Gambit right now: high boss damage, the ability to apply a debuff to accelerate taking down tankier enemies, a strong roaming super (or a strong boss damage super), and the ability to create Warmind Cells faster than perhaps any other class in the game with its middle tree.

1. Nightstalker

Best Gambit Subclasses in Destiny 2 (2022)

Nightstalker is our top pick as the best subclass in Gambit thanks to its ability to not only be the most useful support class on a team, but also a fearsome invader/counter invader too, depending on your choice of skill tree.

Shadowshot is still one of the best supers in the game, and there’s nothing that can compete with it in terms of neutralizing an extremely hard to break enemy position and turning it into a cake walk, all while generating a bunch of orbs and additional super energy in the process.

You can lock down a bank filled with Taken, clear out groups of enemies, and/or make the primeval even easier to take down. Or, if you’re really skilled, use it to stop an Invader in their tracks and avoid any game-changing primeval healing. The Nightstalker also has great defensive utility with its invisibility tricks and can be used to keep you or your team alive in hairy situations.

There’s really nothing the Nightstalker can’t do in Gambit Prime and that’s why its our number one best Gambit Prime subclass in Destiny 2.

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