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Riders Republic All Hairstyles: How to Change Haircut


Riders Republic All Hairstyles: How to Change Haircut

Riders Republic gives you an enormous map of mountainous terrain to pull off the gnarliest tricks on downhill bikes, skis, snowboards, and even rocketwings — think jet packs. A lot of your time will be spent completing various challenges in order to earn stars and rank up, but let’s not forget you need to look stylish when you’re up on those peaks. In this guide, we’ll run you through all Riders Republic hairstyles, as well as talk you through how you can change haircuts even after the initial character creation screen at the beginning of the game.

All Hairstyles in Riders Republic

There are 18 hairstyles in total in the game that you can freely choose between regardless of your chosen body type. You can check them all out in the images below, or see the YouTube video showcasing them all further down this page.

Hairstyle 1

Hairstyle 2

riders republic hairstyles
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