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New World Server Transfer: How to Move Character to a New Server

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New World Server Transfer: How to Move Character to a New Server

Amazon Games’ first MMORPG has so far proven a huge hit, with concurrent player numbers hitting impressive highs over the game’s first week since launch. Unfortunately, that popularity has resulted in limited available slots to play on a completely inadequate number of servers. The busiest of those servers frequently produce long queue times upwards of 2,000 players, and with no option to transfer profiles, players are essentially stuck waiting. Thankfully, Amazon Games has a solution. Here’s what you need to know about New World server transfers and how to move your character.

As of right now, there is no way to move your character to a new server. Amazon Games issued a statement last week that claimed the option is a ‘top priority moving forward, and that it planned on making it available within a week. Given the statement was issued on Oct. 1, that would mean we should see an official announcement over the coming days.

Update 10/11/2021: Amazon Games has delayed the server transfer that it promised players earlier this month. However, it has at least provided some concrete details on how servers transfer will work, which we have included below.

How to Move Character to a New Server in New World

As mentioned above, the server transfer update has been delayed, but we do now know how the transfer will actually work. Below is a breakdown via Amazon Games’ latest announcement:

  • You need to log into your character, which means waiting in any applicable queues.
  • Go to the in-game store where there will be a new tab to claim your character transfer token.
  • You need to leave your Company.
  • You need to remove any active Trading Post sell orders and buy orders.
  • Your character must be located in a sanctuary (such as a settlement or outpost).

What You Can Keep With Server Transfer

  • You will keep all character progression (level, weapon mastery, titles, etc.).
  • You will keep your Faction alliance and progress
  • You will keep your inventory and storage.
  • You will keep all of your currency.
  • You will keep your houses and housing decorations.
  • You will keep all quest progress.

What You Cannot Keep With Server Transfer

  • Your Company membership needs to be terminated before transferring, and will not carry over.
  • Active Trading Post sell orders and buy orders must be removed and will not carry over.
  • Your friends list is world specific and will not transfer.

Which Servers You Can Move Your Character to

  • You can move your character to any world in your region, except:
    • You cannot move your character to a full world.
    • You cannot move your character to a world in maintenance.
    • You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already.

For those not prepared to wait for the server update, you can re-roll your character or create a second if you want to go and play on a particular server with your buddies (or just want to escape long queue times), but we would recommend waiting. We’ll keep this guide updated with relevant information as soon as we hear more from Amazon.

Until then, that’s everything there is to know about moving your New World character to a new server. Sorry, we aren’t able to provide definitive answers yet.

For more tips and guides on the game, be sure to check our guide wiki. Alternatively, you should also see some related content for the game below that may prove useful.

For any questions you have that aren’t answered on the site, do feel free to reach out in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to lend a hand.

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